2012: What is the goal for humanity?

What is the goal for humanity? To be just as loving and inspirational in a toxic environment as a bountiful one? Left to our natural state, I find that we are generous and loving. Place us in fearful state and our need for survival overrides all reasons to maintain our integrity. A dead person can’t love very well, so it does make sense to prioritise our attention on life threatening situations.

Seriously though, how often is there a genuine physical threat? Maybe we are reaching a time on this planet where our level of personal mastery can override all illusion based threats. That would allow authentic love to shine often and bright enough to illuminate the ‘Golden Age.’ Perhaps it is called golden because we shine in it. Perhaps this Age was not time specific, but rather, ‘becoming’ specific.

Hence any reason not to love becomes an illusion to shatter. Every justification to hold a grudge becomes the personal obstacle course to enlightenment.

Imagine a way of being that permeates our purpose into every relationship we have. The persistent visualisation of our future based on our values instructs the brain to prepare for an inevitable purpose based reality. The brain eager to survive in this altered future to the one it has been wired to previously expect, quickly learns to perceive through the development of new neural pathways.

The objective of perceiving, anticipating and effectively reacting in this new future makes the brain compatible with it. It becomes natural to think and feel with total coherence to this altered future. A future that is finally shaped by purpose, enriched by the values that inspire and satisfy the heart.