A Path to Peace?

Anything you hear repeatedly increases the chances greatly of accepting this information subconsciously as truth. When you get highly emotional over a point of view, it is because your subconscious has established it as fact. It would take a mountain of contradictory facts to challenge you before you are willing to change your view.

This is why culture, government and media propaganda shape consensual views that feel no reason to research the facts and sit with the alternate points of view. This is how hate and war continue to cycle consistently.

To break this cycle, we must ease away from our adamant views because truth can stand up to all scrutiny. Look to the other side and seek to understand how they experience you and your culture. If we do not confront our views by sitting long enough with theirs, we will never discover the perpetuated misinterpretations and blatant lies on both sides.

Maybe if we do this, those that hold extremist destructive attitudes will be exposed and bred out of the generations on both sides. How else can peace be established?

George Helou has 15 years personal development and life coaching experience and a two time best selling author. For more information on Perth based and online Life Coaching service and his EP7 Empowered for Purpose Coaching program visit www.lifecoachperth.com or call (+618) 9380 8350

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