Be Empowered Show Interview with Graeme Hopkins and Phil Bertram

Have you ever felt like a failure at accomplishing your heart’s desire? I think we all have… right?

Have you ever tried to find someone who understands and believes in you, regardless of your circumstances? Phil Bertram did!

“Proof is in the pudding!” We at Be Empowered are always looking for effective life change. Here is an example….

Phil put George’s EP7, or the “Empowered for Purpose” course into action ~ and it transformed his life! The EP7 course enabled Phil to move from an effortful personal and business paradigm into an effortless paradigm in just 7 simple steps.

In just 10 months, Phil’s life has turned around! He has moved from an old paradigm that didn’t serve him to a new paradigm where he has started a new venture that is about to change the way real estate business is done! Here’s the good news. You too can change your own paradigm to allow life to flow for you, and towards you!

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          George Helou has 15 years personal development and life coaching experience and a two time best selling author.For more information on Perth based and online Life Coaching service and his EP7 Empowered for Purpose Coaching program visit or call (08) 9380 8350

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