Be the programmer not the program

Your physical neurons are your hardware. The ideas you weave into how you perceive is your software. Your DNA is ROM; bio-design code allowing your avatar suit and it’s capabilities to be built and managed. The access of this code is via RNA (RAM) for the purpose of software upgrades to all cells (Cellular Memory) and is known as adaptation.

What does this all mean? Do you see a computer and it’s functions stay relevant or routinely become outdated and in need of an innovative upgrade? When have you plugged into your purpose and possibilities to receive the latest timely upgrade so your Operating System (OS) is compatible with your desired outcomes?

To plateau is to stagnate. To stagger and freeze is to become overwhelmed and paralyzed with fear and doubt. You are not the version of your OS. You are that which can code any OS and version.

We have an identity crisis pandemic. We are the programmer not the program.

George Helou has 15 years personal development and life coaching experience and a two time best selling author. For more information on Perth based and online Life Coaching service and his EP7 Empowered for Purpose Coaching program visit or call (08) 9380 8350