Behind the masks and beyond the depressing illusions we battle together – By George Helou

Nature has all the wisdom and intelligence stored within its design and function. It has always had the ability to adapt and tap into its genetic resources to take on any form that is compatible with its habitat so it can ensure its survival and continue to thrive.

Behind the mask is you

We as people have an interesting ability to run the illusion that we are separate to the laws of nature. We look at our environment through the assumption that it happens to us and we are seemingly independent of it.

Hence we do struggle to adapt because excuses,blame and denial are popular ways in which we handle our challenges; we ignore the plethora of environmental signals that invite us to reconsider the way we are thinking, feeling and acting.

When we are told we are genetically flawed,hard wired, chemically imbalanced, personality trait disadvantaged, we are being sold the idea that our form is in some way fixed, unchangeable. Yet wherever you look in nature, the ability for a living organism to change form is remarkable.

Why are we struggling, depressed and dying from chronic stress? Because if you are in a form that fears, doubts and is anxious about making mistakes, you have someone that is in protection mode most of the time with every little room to embrace growth. Growth is the process of adapting. Protecting is locking down and just assuming we need to fight or take flight – this is meant to be temporary but it’s becoming way too permanent in our rat race, road raging society.

So we label people as dysfunctional all while we ignore neuroplasticity, placebo and how a caterpillar will demonstrate the power of changing form by withdrawing from everyday stimulus, living in seclusion away from identifying with the old form, allowing itself to melt away the form that prevents it from flying and embracing the form that does. Meditation anyone? Depression as forced meditation becomes an interesting concept to contemplate.

We have institutions that affirm our inability to change. We are apparently flawed genetically, biochemically and psychologically. So while coping mechanisms from these professionals can bandaid the struggle, it has also masked our potential and our purpose to deepen our connections to each other and nature. And thriving at a heart satisfying level has been sapped out of our existence. All because coping has become the acceptable achievement in our global culture.

Behind an unchangeable mask that the professionals measure, is the real you. The masks we can wear are infinite. Some masks are incompatible with the dreams we have and that can be very depressing and eventually debilitating. Some masks make the realisations of our dreams inevitable. It takes the awareness, courage and willpower to let go of an identity that felt it was all you and move into that uncertain state of being where you can discover a mask with a view to a more empowered for purpose version of you.

Have you had experiences where you became very observant of how you were being and were shocked by an assumption you were carrying? Did that cause you to change profoundly? Did that change feel like seeing the world through a new mask and did that stay with you?

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