Neural Development


21 Jul: Why you can and should believe in MAGIC!

Then I explained that magic is real and practical. Magic is very real and practical because it shows how any…


12 Feb: When you watch the “Nightly News”, spare a thought

So the content of terrorism, quakes, floods and fires, celebrity highs and lows, dogs in drains and cats up trees, interest rate rises and reductions, bargains and burglaries, new car models, malfunctions and accidents fill the half to full hour without any effort.

12 Mar: Overcoming Learning Difficulties Through Brain Training

“We can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it” – Albert Einstein. So what makes up a mind? It is the existing neural wiring throughout the 100 billion neurons that forms our paradigms and predetermines what we can perceive. By increasing our neural connections, we increase our glial cells that assist the process. Albert Einstein had a smaller brain than the average person, yet his glial count was incredibly high.