Are you a life coach or do you sense you would make a great coach? Adding EP7 Certification to your coaching skills can take you to a whole new level, just like it did for me. Over the past several years, I have reached a double six figure income relying on the EP7 process to empower clients for their purpose. My clients have included CEO’s of publicly listed companies, business owners, managers, doctors, lawyers, dentists, engineers, farmers, artists, plumbers, electricians and athletes. From single mothers to young adults and older men and ladies needing satisfaction in their relationships, careers and discover a higher purpose.

EP7 Certification offers you much more than a proven coaching and training program that has changed thousands of lives. Once EP7 Certified, you will receive: –

  • The Confidence to empower others for their purpose because you learned first to do it for yourself.
  • Access to the reputable EP7 framework that provides you with the foundation to offer a high level of personal development coaching and training.
  • An EP7 Platform with all the materials and coaching tools ready to be accessed and used.
  • A Payment gateway with auto-debit payment plans available for your clients.
  • Receive EP7 client leads.
  • Focus on a niche to help a specific type of client to be empowered for that purpose.

You will be witnessing your clients transforming and thriving as you coach and train them, giving you the most satisfying career.

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