Dear Instrumental Mind

Our mind truly is an instrument and our thoughts are the plucking of the range of strings that vibrate and resonate with experiences equal to each string’s domain. There are strings that vibrate from our soul and beyond. Their power transcends time and all limitations. Their vibrations carry the songs of our dreams into the heart beat of our everyday living.

Then there are strings that vibrate a heightened alert in our physical world to help us choose between fighting or taking flight from any enemy that may threaten our survival.

There is a range of strings that vibrate a lack of self worth, fear and self doubt. As these songs dominate our days and sabotage our dreams, we struggle to expand our ability to engage the strings and chords that can facilitate our progress. These dissonant compositions have become second nature, being played without conscious intervention or effort. Only information that supports these misbelief strings feed our awareness through the broadcasting of limiting thoughts.

When we play a new and empowering belief-song long enough, our brain learns and continues to perform it subconsciously as a foundation layer adding to the harmony. Hence we can enjoy it’s wisdom while consciously entertaining the next melody. If we played the songs of love, abundance and freedom well and frequently enough, they will continue to play as they are moved into our subconscious, so we can focus on the creation of adventure tunes to the backdrop of a forever expanding personal symphony, enriching our lives.

So what are these songs and how do we compose them? These songs include the lyrics of our potential sung as reality in the moment. They include the groove of a dynamic personality keen to transform and entangle the beat of a new future. These songs become a melody through language of new empowering beliefs and the rhythm of being those beliefs.

Our songs must inspire. We must be in the joy of their repetition. Sublime it is, to be in the anticipation of the subsequent imminent dance of pleasure filled sensory immersion of new experiences.

As our thoughts fire many times per second, a pattern emerges revealing our quality of thinking. The now measurable frequency of thinking (Brainwaves*;) is coherent with multiple levels of thinking in three segments; Conscious Mind (Alpha, Beta, Gamma), Subconscious Mind (Theta) and even Unconscious Mind (Delta).

Life is soup of musical notes and beats constantly taking dynamic form by our imagination. May our musical lessons transform us into master performers on the stage of life. Lets create the music for the dances we desire by accessing our deeper mind through the brainwaves of strings.

Learn to play your instrument, be the maestro of your life. You are the composer and performer able to entertain your soul and many others.
If you understand the power of contextualising a message, then you can communicate better than most. The media are masters of contextualising a message. They can cover a story with the same facts in a carefully chosen order to control your emotions and conclusions.

How often do you hear a side of a story and become infuriated only to hear another side and even out? What about hearing the same side of stories from media agencies with vested interests? Like political and corporate interests.

The next time you read a story, take note of the “dominant context” laid out at the beginning to influence how you relate the subsequent facts being introduced. Pay particular attention how they continue to contextualise the facts to help guide you with how you should interpret them.

Then ask yourself, what questions have not been asked by the journalist that would shed light on other sides of this event/situation. Then ask, what is the most popular conclusion one would come by reading this article? Then ask, who does this profit the most?

The level of deception, censorship and manipulation is extraordinary. It will become easier to notice that we have been bombarded with a propaganda machine that shapes many of the values we use that forms our desires and attraction to certain solutions.

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George Helou has 15 years personal development and life coaching experience and a two time best selling author. For more information on Perth based and online Life Coaching service and his EP7 Empowered for Purpose Coaching program visit or call (08) 6102 1055.

* Every neuron (brain cell) has axon terminals and dendrites that connect with other axon terminals and dendrites from other Neurons. At each contact point between these tentacles it is called a synaptic cleft where in fact they don’t touch. The electrical impulses transmit from one neuron to another across the synapse. The electrical impulse igniting are counted per second as brainwaves and measured as cycle per second (cps) or as Hertz.

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