Disappointment is a part of life

We need to maintain the courage to be vulnerable and accept that disappointments are always going to happen to all of us. The opportunity will always be there to transform many of them into deeply satisfying outcomes.
Avoiding disappointment means we are giving up on each other.
Sometimes memes like this come along and you know they were created by someone who is hurting. However, I have to add my take on it because it can be destructive to let poetic memes like this, seduce us into giving up on people.
There is no point avoiding disappointment. Value-based expectations like respect, decency and compassion are intrinsic to our dignity, our backbone and an essential part of our foundation to thrive from. If we stop being disappointed about anything, we have stopped striving for our ideals to be realised. It means we have given up on people and even ourselves!
We live in a world that has insecurity within each individual and many are in a very dark and heavy place. We all make poor choices here and there and end up disappointing each other intentionally and unintentionally because of our compromised perception.
Never give up on love and expecting your giving to be reciprocated. Just look deeper into why you are being disappointed and you will often find someone who needs you at a deeper level: the opportunity exists to inspire that one with compassion to move out of the heaviness and into a state of mind where the heart is back in charge. From there, the gratitude to reciprocate at an extraordinary level takes over and you are both the worthy recipients.
There is enough darkness in our world and we need to be each other’s light. Let’s not take disappointments, and rejections personally. Let’s hold the space for each other’s good nature and be willing to go through the process along with the setbacks as we grow out of fear and into more and more love.

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