EMPOWERED FOR LOVE – typical situations that keep you from enjoying a deeply enriching and satisfying relationship.

I was asked to note down as many typical situations I have experienced with my clients and the solutions that helped them achieve the goal of attracting and being in a loving relationship. After I wrote them, I thought it would be a great idea to share them. Please feel free to discuss any of them in the comments below and I will be more than happy to share with you ideas to help your journey.

SITUATION – I only seem to attract the wrong guys and all the great guys seem taken. No decent guy I like seems to notice or want me.

SOLUTION – Expose the thoughts, feelings and actions and assumptions that makes you less attractive to the guy you are meant to be with. Discover how connecting with the truth of your inner beauty can make you physically more attractive. The secret of finding the right guy is 50% finding them and 50% becoming the person that inspires the guy to want to be right just for you.


SITUATION – I just can’t trust anyone anymore because they end up rejecting and abandoning me because I am not good enough.

SOLUTION – Learn the art of trusting so you can risk loving again and not break your heart. Discover how you betrayed yourself by not connecting to your worthiness. Create a strong, confident and resilient relationship with yourself that makes it easy to attract a guy into your life that will deeply desire you, be inspired to be the best they can be when they are with you.


SITUATION – I am exhausted from giving and being taken advantage of.

SOLUTION – Undo the thinking and habits that block you from having an equally rewarding relationship. Move away from assumptions that keep you from receiving with ease and inspiring a partner to want to give you more because they feel a deep sense of satisfaction when they do. Learn the importance and how to avoid spoiling your partner and developing unfair expectation habits at the beginning of the relationship.


SITUATION – I’m desperate not to be lonely and need to feel loved.

SOLUTION – Avoid the trap of lowering your expectation out of loneliness and desperation. Only to repeat the same heart breaking cycle in the next relationship Find where and how you became commitment phobic and undo the assumptions that prevent you from loving again. Connect with yourself in a healthy way and builds your worthiness and self esteem so you no longer suffer loneliness and have your judgment compromised by desperation.


SITUATION – I am holding on to an abusive and controlling relationship because he/she is a great person and no one is perfect.

SOLUTION – Get in touch with what truly makes a life partner a reality. Develop the strength, clarity and conviction to recognise when it exists and when its absent. Lose tolerance to stay in a destructive and draining relationship with the help of perspective, self-belief and ensure your opportunity for love is not kept away from you. Understand how you can safely leave an abusive and threatening relationship and find peace, hope and love again.


SITUATION – Bullied and criticised constantly, I have felt worthless in a relationship and although I yearn to be loved, I just can’t imagine it anymore. I have lost confidence that I can ever find a relationship that is worth having.

SOLUTION – Expand your awareness so you identify how you allow yourself to fall into the relationship with a cruel and controlling partner. Understand how insecure and fragile they are so you are no longer intimidated by their words. Learn to discern between constructive feedback and manipulation and detect these types of guys so you are never attracted to them again.


SITUATION – I feel stuck, helpless and cynical. I was cheated and deceived. I don’t believe anyone can love me and I just can’t shake off the fear and doubt. I squirm when I man looks at me. I just don’t trust any man. I so wish love can exist but I do.

SOLUTION – Discover why it was not your fault that a partner cheated on you. Learn how to understand and keep the problem with the person that created it. Discover why your intuition must guide you in any relationship you have. Learn to forgive but not condone and create a healthy set of conditions around how you want to love in a relationship.


SITUATION – I feel bored and stale in my relationship. I am no longer attracted to my partner. My eye keeps wondering to other potential partners and feel anxious with mixed emotions about my situation.

SOLUTION – Dig deep into what defines your existing relationship and whether those core values are worth fighting for. Expand your perspective on the love you both deserve and whether you are going to be willing to do what it takes to re-ignite that love. Discover a meaningful and fair way to end a relationship that just won’t re-ignited and be able to move on in good conscience. Overcome the fear of what people will think of you for having a failed relationship. Re-imagine a whole new way you connecting that can save your relationship and make it worthwhile again or create a new one that won’t repeat the same pattern.


SITUATION – I am lost, disillusioned and don’t know where to start to get out of this heavy broken hearted state. I can’t think straight and have no confidence that my life will ever change.

SOLUTION – Your heart can and will heal, so lets immerse in those who have been there and moved out of it – lets rebuild hope first. Testimonials of those before you is going to help you confront the self deception that your situation is permanent and the fear that you are just flawed, too broken and not worth anyone’s love and attention. You are greater than you have allowed yourself to feel and discovering your brilliance and how lovable you really are is going to accelerate your healing. Work with a practical and easy to follow step by step proven process with the support from people who have been there and done that. Getting out of the ditch starts with hope, but it is the little purposeful right actions that will lead you out.


SITUATION – I don’t feel very connection to my partner. I just feel numb and I see that they are worth loving but I do not know what to do and fear I am going to lose them if I do not trust and love them more.

SOLUTION – Follow a process to help you discover all wrong, absurd and shocking reasons why you are habitually resistant to being vulnerable in a relationship. Discover why love is only possible by taking risks and how to become the person that can afford to risk. Learn and implement proven strategies that can help you experience the power of taking risks and begin the adventure of deepening your love and never looking back.


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George Helou is the founder of EP7 – Empowered for Purpose in 7 Steps. Life Coach, Work Culture Consultant, Author and Motivational Speaker, George has 15 years personal development experience and is based in his Life Coach Perth Office in Subiaco. 08 9380 8350. www.lifecoachperth.com

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