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Hello, I am George Helou (@EP7ReinventYou) , the founder of EP7.

From a very young age I was curious about the meaning of life, and I had a strong desire to make a difference to people’s lives. My personal story of how I escaped war, but not my fears and doubts, is here

By the year 2000, my career in life coaching, mentoring and business consulting in personal and team peak performance evolved into a business. However it would take another seven odd years before I would consolidate all that I had learned and my own personal development journey into the process and principles that were at the centre of it all. The process is Empowered for Purpose in 7 Steps, or EP7.

In the years that preceded the creation of EP7, I had started a publishing company called Light Heart Productions. The first two books published were inspirational gift books, Angelic Dreams and Mystical Dreams. Thanks to my mentor Leon Nacson, the managing director of Hay House, they became Australian best sellers.

My latest published book is Cinderella’s Secrets: The Untold Story of Ella. This retelling of the Cinderella story decodes the Fairy Tale to reveal the empowering story of how Ella, by changing her attitude and conviction, transformed herself, which enabled her to get to the ball and find her prince. Cinderella’s Secrets – The Untold Story of Ella is available at iTunes and Amazon and more information on the book can be found at 

I have now embarked on my biggest project – the Empowered for Purpose book, which will detail the 7 steps and how to implement them. In addition I have an EP7 Coaching Academy that trains and certifies new and existing life coaches in the EP7 Process. More information about EP7 Certification can be found at

I am known as MPC in the music scene. One of my released tracks is Live Everyday (Like it’s Your Birthday), which I wrote as a way to spread the message that everyone should feel as special and empowered to make their wishes come true as they do on their birthday. After all, being empowered for purpose to create your future is meant to be with you every day, not just one day per year.

Another track I wrote and co-produced is Hollywood. It’s about how you can be any character you want to be, that the real you is never the personality you are conditioned to identify with and relate through, that you are greater than any behavioural trait, belief or habit, and that you are just as genuine switching into the most appropriate character that is most compatible with achieving your goals. Hollywood tells you that it is this what it means to be empowered and that you do not need to allow society or any institution to dictate who you need to be.

As a Prince fan, I suddenly decided in 2002 that I would meet Prince, even though I did not know how. In 2003, not only did I meet him, but I had the wonderful opportunity of talking with him and joking around with him for an hour. I also was invited to sing with him on stage. I wrote all about it on my EP7 Blog.

After 15,000 hours of coaching experience and taking several hundred clients and many businesses through the EP7 process, I am now directing my focus on running EP7 certification coaching and training for individuals, life coaches, leaders and organisations.

If you are passionate about personal development and paying it forward, it would be a pleasure to explore how we and EP7 can be of service to you.

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