Holding yourself back for all the wrong reasons? I did for 20 years!

I meet a lot of people who are tired in their professions and businesses. Tired of procrastinating and being too distracted from the focused actions that would help them realise their dreams. Many of these become clients and their intelligence and capabilities are inspiring to witness. There is only one problem. They may understand logically that they are smart but their emotions are in conflict with this reality. I see their greatness 10 times more clearly than they do and that is very sad indeed!

It is not enjoyable to be trapped in an emotional state of holding back your power and intelligence. I love the fact that I can see the dots joining of how their capabilities can easily help them achieve an amazing life. I also understand how easy it is to be stuck in that state of years!

So I share with you an insight that perhaps you are on the brink of something great and you owe to yourself to not let any limiting assumptions and a narrow view keep you from seeing an empowering truth.

On the subject of being stuck for a long time, I spent 20 years holding myself away from truly creating personal development products, books, videos, music and programs simply because I felt I was not good enough, capable enough or original enough. I was so wrong. It is uncanny that I used my program to release me from the very narrow view that blocks so many of us from the practical way to harness more of our potential. Then I noticed that a part of my life was the opposite – I took too many risks and burned a lot of my resources that could have easily been avoided with some patience and critical thinking.

Do I regret taking so long and sabotaging myself along the way? After all, I was highly ambitious and always wanted to be a multi-millionaire by the time I was 30. But I am 45! I have to be honest, I made a lot of money and drove expensive luxury cars and owned a few properties by the time I was 30. But I did it for all the wrong reasons and lost most of it because of my reckless and immature attitude! And meanwhile I was holding myself back from building something of substance to leave a legacy! But I have no regrets because what I learned about humility, being resilient and having genuine compassion for others who are struggling, are priceless to me.

So if you are ready to stop the boredom and find a way to understand how you can take calculated risks to start moving into more of your potential, make it a priority every day to do something that ignites your awareness to the abundance of possibilities and knowledge out there that can reveal the truth that you can have whatever your heart truly wants in a timely manner. And the journey can be just as sweet as the destination!

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