How to discover your wings

Get ready to be vulnerable on purpose!
When you free fall you discover your wings – then your reinvention is quick.

Don’t waste your falls. Don’t let your pain talk without listening to it. Your frustrations, challenges and setbacks are your opportunities to discover capabilities in you, develop skills and continue expanding your wisdom.

Why do we become adults without the confidence and skills to live our dreams? Our conditioning set the bar too low. Even if we want more, we find we lost our imagination to be able to conceive it. We also lost our courage to go after it because failure becomes the big stick that hurts too much.

A bird knows its capability in free fall. It discovers out of urgency that it was far more capable than could have comprehended from continuing to sit in a nest or walking around looking for seeds and worms – establishing an identity of a walker rather than a flyer. Human history is filled with examples of those who left their legacy because they were forced to out of circumstances. They became heroes and heroines because they had to dig deep and innovate a way to overcome epic challenges. They had to, so they did!

If your environment has spoilt you, maybe you need to unspoil yourself. Parents are often paying forward how they were parented – too soft or too hard – it always a work in progress to be a good parent, so there is no relevance to blame them – they did their best and now it is time to do your best for you.

But how? After all, that conditioning is potent. If your identity is hooked into your existing capabilities as your limit, your brain thinks it is protecting you by not attempting anything you cannot succeed in – so it won’t allow you to get out of that reality bubble, no matter how boring and underwhelming it is. Your only hope is to use your free will to punch through this illogical barrier. So the first step is to discover that the reasons that form your limits are in fact, illogical!

What if you could choose to be vulnerable and be ready to learn? Your observation skills and your pattern recognition skills are going to boost your intelligence as far as your purpose needs them to go. Like a muscle; if you overuse it, it will hurt, but it will grow to give you more leverage! In the same way, you can literally increase your intelligence to whatever level is necessary to live your dreams, no matter your age. You just need an inspiring purpose to justify and prioritise it.

Why would you need to discover your capabilities without a purpose? Are you ready to discover your wings for your next vision? Then get ready to be vulnerable on purpose?

What have you already done to prove your capability can evolve to levels that blow your mind? What purpose did you have that made you prioritise it? Please share because these experiences become priceless for those that need to see what they are capable of with the wings that hide behind them.

You have to be vulnerable on purpose to discover your wings.

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