How to turn on your FLOW

Rachel Donovan and I discuss flow and being in the zone, in our latest EP7 Podcast.

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Here is a rundown of what was covered, including how to turn on ‘the flow’, how we can change our behaviour and get more out of our relationships.

Here’s what was covered:

  • “They’re being exactly the way they need to be, that allows them to succeed and make the best decisions, and therefore attract a lot of money.” [1:45]
  • “What does it means by being “in flow” in a relationship?” [2:38]
  • “What impact do we have when we are incredibly comfortable and truly focused on someone else?” [3:13]
  • “Because you’re not over analyzing, [..,], you remove the pressure of yourself to prove that you’re good or worthy.” [4:06]
  • “What makes us good listeners, is that we don’t have filters in our brain.” [4:54]
  • “If I can’t be myself, and they don’t connect with me. Fine! Then, they’re not compatible with me.” [6:14]
  • “When you’re patient, and you don’t jump to conclusions . . .  you get very informed.” [7:25]
  • “The beautiful things happen to us when we get more informed.” [7:59]
  • “How do you tell when you’re “out of flow” in a relationship?” [9:05]
  • “How does stress affect our relationships?” [9:10]
  • “You can’t have a connection to be informed when you’re shutting down.” [10:13]
  • “We are fearing the ‘What ifs’, and the ‘What ifs’ are plenty. The mind can get creative on the ‘What ifs’, which makes it endless.” [10:56]
  • How to turn get back “in flow” in a relationship. [11:45]
  • How deep breathing helps turn back the flow. [12:00]
  • The importance of the word ‘form’ in ‘Information’. [14:52]
  • How to stay connected and in flow.
  • “Life is abundance, but we have a hard time experiencing that abundance.” [19:55]
  • “Abundance is always being there, and nature proves this everyday.” [20:34]
  • And much more!

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