I am confused by the polarised views on terrorism

Normally I am very clear about my position on a topic. I know the principles and values I stand for and am willing to debate.

However, I am truly stumped by what is going on in the world and the ongoing terrorism from ISIS.

I read so much hate and judgment against Islam and it does not feel right. All the moslems I know personally are thoughtful and kind.

So why am I going to believe people’s opinions over years of personal experience?

Don’t get me wrong, I have been challenged by trouble makers and I used to associate them with the Islam faith. I went through a phase of being quietly racist. After all, we fled Lebanon because the Islamic extremists were hunting down and killing Christians. More on my first hand experiences here… Thankfully, the fullness of time has allowed me to expand my perspective and separate extremists, criminals and those who are lost, from their religion.

And while I no longer align myself with any religion, I still believe in the teachings of Christ because they make a lot of sense to me. I actually see a lot of good stuff in many religions, but the full religious package does not resonate with me. To many questions and very few satisfying answers.

I really like what Waleed said on the Project yesterday about needing to be united and not fall for the divide and conquer strategy, which is playing into the hands of ISIS.

I see extremists on both sides playing us. And many people I care and respect are actually becoming polarised.

I am confused because many are saying that the Quran actually dictates that all moslems need to rid the world of anyone who does not convert. Yet all the moslems I know do not talk or act this way.

What am I supposed to do with that? The First Testament of the Bible in many parts comes across like a Quentin Taranto movie, yet I see many Christians opting to ignore those parts and enjoy aligning as best as possible with the Second Testament.

In the meantime, while I am confused, I am going to choose love not fear.

I am going to simply treat everyone I come across, regardless of their religion or race, with love, respect and expect they have sincere and good intentions.

Of course that excludes the extremists who have made their position very clear. They are so lost, brainwashed and hell bent on causing destruction to innocent lives, it’s difficult to avoid the desire that they be removed from the planet ASAP.

For the rest of us, I just can’t bring myself to turn against those around me because of what opinions are being spread in the media.

Yet, I do have questions. And I really would appreciate members of the Islamic faith to share with me and other readers their views to the following questions: –

How do you interpret the passages in the Quran where conversion via killing comes across as a duty, rewarded in heaven with heaps of virgins. (This really does bend my mind; as if some God has virgins on standby with their only purpose to be lovers of someone who killed innocent people)

Do you really consider yourself to be a muslim if you do not follow all of the Quran? (I could not follow any of the three religions I was raised with because too many things did not add up.)

What conversations do you have with your muslim peers about ISIS and ways to preventive the co-opting of your religion to end up on one side of a World War III?

I think its time we all discussed the issues because when you remove all the idealogical nonsense, we are all the same and are on this planet together.

It’s a very sad situation because these radicals are hurting and even terrorising the refugees. They are destroying their homes and their hopes. They are even quashing their hopes of seeking asylum elsewhere, because countries are shutting their borders. It is such a tragic situation to contemplate; what’s unfolding in the world right now is intensifying so much fear, good people are turning on each other.

Surely it is time to unite. Surely where there is a will and love, there is a way.

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