If a tree could talk, this is what I think it would say.

General Grant Tree 2016

If a tree could talk, this is what I think it would say.

 Hey, you!

What are you doing with your life? Don’t mind that I’m a tree, we have a lot more in common than you may know.

You have achieved so much in your life, yet you seem disconnected from what got you this far and what can take you wherever you please.

Why are you not deepening your roots so you can feel more secure, stable and able to withstand criticism and setbacks?

Look at the times you achieved great things: you were not questioning your worth and felt capable of handling anything that came your way. Know your worth because that is what it means to deepen your roots – no one has a right to exist here more than you do. You are here because you belong!

Why is your trunk so thin and flimsy? How do you expect to hold firm with dignity against situations and people who tempt you to compromise your principles? From where will you draw your confidence, so you can say no to disrespectful behaviour? Your true friendships and relationships so far have not come from your being out of touch with the non- negotiable parts of you. You won’t attract the best from people if you feel weak and distressed

Why have your branches become so stiff and brittle? You need some graceful flex in those branches to handle the moody winds of insecure friends. How are you going to earn trust and build relationships without a modest level of patience, tolerance and compassion for those struggling and perhaps are not behaving in an ideal way?

No, wait! Don’t flex them too much, otherwise they will flop in places you least want them to. You already know that when you are too lenient, too tolerant, it means you have no end to how you can be mistreated. It’s no good bending beyond what you can handle. People-pleasing is causing you to over- promise and under-deliver. Then everyone loses.

See the magic of being balanced? Deep roots and a decent trunk to support your wonderful growth and those branches that touch others, creating the beautiful space of a mutually rewarding and sustainable give and take. Flex not too much and not too little.

Now we come to those lush leaves. How in touch and engaged do you feel? Are you hydrated so you can be mentally clear and attentive? If you are not drawing from the opportunities around you and inhaling life’s adventures, your sensitivity will begin to fade because you are giving up on the purpose of your being here.

Draw in the nourishing moisture and nutrients from the ground and around you. Inhale that oxygen while I thank you for the carbon dioxide. We are a great team, you and I – very similar and complementary in so many ways.

And lastly, are you blossoming with the flowering promise of your dreams coming true? Are your buds blooming and expressing the best of you? That ripe sweet fruit of your uniqueness is why you are here. You are such a gift in the garden of thriving beyond surviving.

How is your purpose being experienced? Is the best of your unique expression expanding you and peaking through the sweetness of being? Are you taking these precious experiences and forming the wisdom to deepen your connection and expand into a greater vision?

There is no fruit like you in the entire garden!

How valuable it is that you contribute to the variety and the adventure of life just by being true to yourself and gifting your essence to the rest of us. The real you and the best of you are so attractive. Don’t be surprised when life feeds you with the most abundant fertile soil and thriving becomes effortless because you are simply being yourself.

Go on then, give me a hug!

My name is George Helou and I’m the founder of EP7 – Empowered for Purpose in 7 Steps. I am a best selling author, Life and Business Coach, Motivational Speaker, Work Culture Consultant. My latest book is Cinderellas Secrets – The Untold Story of Ella www.onceuponeaview.com
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