If you’re stuck in a draining emotional state, you can get out of it.

I recall making a conscious decision to not let people see my emotions and to play the game of being in control in order gain the respect in the corporate world. All of this while I would hear the CEO of this corporation, who earned over a million dollars salary, losing the plot at people in meetings. It was very interesting how I formed conclusions and ignored the contradictions.

What I have since learned from managing businesses, people and coaching CEO’s with hundreds of staff, is that emotions are not the problem. Being stuck in emotions for the wrong reasons however, is very destructive. 

Our culture places a lot of pressure on not being stuck in these emotions, so often our answer is to feel like we’re failing. We struggle and hide our struggle to avoid being judged. Meanwhile, the reasons why we feel that way goes unaddressed and we stay stuck. This repression builds up pressure and can lead to depression and mental breakdowns.

So what is emotion?

Energy (e) in Motion =  e-motion.

For example; anger. energy moved in aggressive motion with the purpose to protect from a perceived threat. The emotion; happy; energy moved into a light and expanded motion to enjoy the rewarding connection from one’s environment.

As you can see, emotion has purpose and if you are not understanding that purpose, it doesn’t mean that it’s not there. It only means it is second nature and in your subconscious.

There is nothing wrong with that if the emotions are enjoyable and being in them for long periods of time is sustainable. Like joy, cheerfulness and gratitude.

The emotions that have a purpose focused on protection are fear based and this is where the problem exists. This fear maybe justified and sometimes anger and anxiety maybe relevant if you’re being physically threatened. This emotional state pushes adrenalin into your body, tightens your muscles and allows you to fight, flight or even freeze. We sometimes need that stress response, but only sometimes.

How often do we find ourselves being triggered into an emotional state of protection through misinterpretation or a misunderstanding? How often is that habitual and forms a draining and repetitive cycle in our life? How frustrating is it that we cannot see the real purpose of why we are stuck in that emotion? And what if that purpose is based on the type of F.E.A.R that is False Evidence Appearing Real?

Our emotions are the glue that bond assumptions to the way we identify with ourselves and our environment. Our emotions therefore are linked and can be tracked into the assumptions that are false and causing self deception. 

I am going to share with you a process in my next blog article that will help you begin to dissolve the emotional glue that bonds you to false assumptions and I have called it HEM; HONOUR your EMOTIONS for a MINUTE.

When you learn how to HEM, you will finally open up the purpose behind the emotion. This is because it is impossible to have an emotion without a purpose that is directing your biochemical energy into a specific motion. A specifically directed motion for an outcome that is deemed meaningful, but may well be based on a lie. Hence why we try so hard to feel the emotions that are satisfying, but find ourselves struggling to achieve that elusive goal as often as we believe we should.

To learn how to HEM, a new blog article will be released soon where I will show you the 5 Steps and a real life example to demonstrate it’s power. Please follow my blog to be updated as soon as it is released.

 George Helou is the founder of EP7 – Empowered for Purpose in 7 Steps. Life Coach, Work Culture Consultant, Author and Motivational Speaker, George has 15 years personal development experience and is based in his Life Coach Perth Office in Subiaco. 08 9380 8350. www.lifecoachperth.com

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