Interior designing your space

Interior design to nurture your soul’s journey


Our inner world is a dichotomy between what we already have and what we desire to experience. Our environment is a cascading of sensations reflecting back to us our sense of self. To be clear and pursue an ideal destiny one must replace outdated elements of the existing environment with ones that richly affirm the new identity. An identity aligned with soul level passion and founded on the wings of empowering life principles that nurture the transition into a future crafted by a deeply desired purpose.

Designing and the functionality of your home or office is based on your ideal life. Likened to a cocoon providing a sacred place for personal transformation, your environment is designed to facilitate the realization of your inner purpose and dreams.

Begin with understanding you. Your passions, strengths, talents, vision, desires and the values and principles you hold dear to your heart. We clarify your future goals and take note of your intimacy and privacy preferences. Observe a day in the life of you, your family or colleagues. Take yourself on a journey of discovery aimed at reigniting your life mission and begin the process of discerning between the past earmarked for completion and the new needing a constantly affirming space. All this before you have even looked at a colour sample board, fixtures or furniture.

Interior design is a highly personal and emotional decision. To clarify your direction and crystalize your future helps identify what future personality and emotional state we can invite into the decision making process. In other words, who is making the decisions for today, your future potential self realized or a confusion between the elements that inspire you and hold you back?

Using EP7’s Immersion principle along with creative tools and techniques, we develop an environment crafted by your soul’s agenda. Every design and functional element in the selection process is created to inspire your purpose and affirm your self worth, potential and inevitable realisation of your dreams.

The colours that uplift and resonate with you is the easy part. The styles and practical elements start to get a little more tricky, but that is where the magic is turned on. From de-cluttering the past to structuring core functionality in each room, that aids the activities to keep you in the perpetual mood for realising your goals, it will become evident how a place can nourish every fibre of your being as well as your vision and focus.

By the time you have enriched your residence with personal symbols through artworks, design lines, shades and contrasts and integrated subtle yet potent affirmation reminders through carefully selected or crafted sculptures, paintings and other elements loaded with personal meaning, you can begin to imagine how your interior design is going to be uniquely you.

Begin with understanding you. It ends with the exhilarating metamorphosis into a space ready to affirm your new beginning.

George Helou has 15 years personal development and life coaching experience and a three time best selling author. For more information on Perth based and online Life Coaching service and his EP7 Empowered for Purpose Coaching program visit or call (+618) 9380 8350.