Knowing the real you will make all the difference to your happiness and freedom

Everything is energy. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is merely transformed from one form to another – sound familiar? You are energy and when you leave the physical form of the body, that energy that is removed, that dynamic something that injected a life force into that body remains in existence according to a fundamental law of physics. Why? Because energy doesn’t get created nor destroyed. So where does it go?

Could that energy be beyond our current ability to measure and hence the reason we appear dead to our limited perception? Is it because we identify with the form (body) as if it is us? Could that energy that is removed from powering the body be the real us? It makes sense that your body was never you but a means in which to experience this environment; an instrument and you are the player, a vehicle and you are the driver. So that part of you that embodies a specific form is never destroyed? And just keep moving into different forms? Does this mean we are eternal? What does that do to your worth? Can we dignify your worth greater than this?

We measure very little of what exists, a simple fact. It’s like we look at life through a straw, a very narrow one. 4 Billion bits of information is available per second and we are decoding 2000 per second? On that wall in front of you, that 2000 is represented by the spot mark of a ball point pen, right? We cannot even hear a dogwhistle or see infrared or ultraviolet light. Yet we strut around with an open chest like we have this life figured out?

So the humility to remain open to your true identity existing beyond the form you are currently in is indeed empowering. The pieces of the physics puzzle suggest a greater picture; that we are fragments of a universe and each fragment is expanding, thereby expanding the universe. By being in touch with our worth from this perspective, what impact does that have on your challenges? What effect does criticism and setbacks have on you when you feel this level of worth from that level of perspective? Are you going to be more confident, clear and resilient as a result? So the perception we have from feeling that incredible level of worthiness (seems more credible now eh?) actually improves your capacity to love and thrive, right? What is this telling us?  Is the level of our personal empowerment and quality of life directly dependant on how we perceive ourselves and our place in the grand scheme of it all?

What is the alternative? The idea of one life, ignore physics, struggle with self doubt and continue to run from that awful worthlessness that insists on contaminating your identity? Does that sound like the foundation to be the best be? Does that sound like you are loved and a state where you can be patient and compassionate, confident and light hearted?

Why are we so lost in the fear of not being good enough? Why don’t we remember other forms of existing? Would you take this game of life seriously if you knew you were eternal? Would you collect the intensity of emotional experience on offer if you knew it was just a game that didn’t mean much in the light of all eternity? What if our lack of awareness is a part of the game? Maybe our mission is to reconnect with our worth as we navigate through the persistent invitations to disconnect from that innate worth? Maybe our life’s purpose is to achieve and maintain the meaningful balance between loving ourselves despite the compelling justifications not to and loving others despite the intense justifications not to. And from all that is meant to come a dignified life that allows compassion to exist for self and others, without overextending into unattainable levels of giving because of denial and martyrdom, that takes us way beyond our current means. While those means to handle more and give more may expand as you grow in confidence, experience and skill, but to know how much you can afford to give based on the reality of where you are at is perhaps a responsible foundation, while you strive to smash those limitations out of the way; one awakening-into-your-true-self-aha-moment at a time?

If what I have just expressed resonates with you, what does this say about humanity? Can you see that we are lost in culture, beliefs, religion and levels of narrow mindedness that maintains a nerve racking disconnection; existing as if we are isolated from it all. It’s like we are suffering from the trauma of an illusionary separation. Do you agree that the way we identify with ourselves and everything else creates a fraction of what is available to embrace and enjoy because we are too busy defending, deflecting the so called threats to our worth and capability? Not connecting to our worth ruins everything! No wonder we are so easily deceived into feeling insecure, incapable, convinced we are in a world where there is never enough of what we need most; money, love, peace, fun and adventure. Meanwhile the abundance of it all envelopes our space while we use our free will to warp our perception so we deny much of it for most of the time. Yikes!

I have come to a stage in my life where pieces of a puzzle integrating into a wholistic way is a priority for me. I do not need to know to be open to the possibilities – life is much more mystery than knowing – but those glimpses of knowing are indeed purposeful in our quest to connect to more truth and be expanded by it. I love the philosophical pondering that draws conclusions that dignify all of us and exhilarate the soul. The conclusions that sell love as the answer but also explain the purpose of fear in responsible context.

To dignifying the eternal nature in you and I because the real us rocks! 🙂

My name is George Helou and I’m the founder of EP7 – Empowered for Purpose in 7 Steps. I am a best selling author, Life and Business Coach, Motivational Speaker, Work Culture Consultant. My latest book is Cinderellas Secrets – The Untold Story of Ella
My Office is located in Subiaco, WA. 08 9380 8350

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