Megalomania – ugly, unnecessary and delusional

You realise you’re doing it all wrong and are humbled by the painful setbacks and falls. So, you pay attention, become informed with exceptional detail and slip into a flow of ideas that innovates an exhilarating breakthrough. Megalomania is the last thing you could relate to being.

Before you know it, you are on top of the world and everything you achieved was extraordinary. No-one can touch you or even fathom how to be like you. You feel invincible and have arrived at the perfect way of being.

Then you notice, you are disconnected from your surroundings. You feel too above it all, righteously superior. People’s problems, fears and doubts look so silly and unnecessary. Your arrogance takes over your identity and everything you see is less than you. You alienate those that love you and you begin to lose the trust, respect and co-operation of many. The many that were intrinsically woven into the journey that intensely contributed to your breakthrough!

Suddenly, you are shunned, avoided, rejected and abandoned. You are isolated, starved of the love and the resources that made you great. All because you were so desperate to be great, you forgot what made you great. You lost sight of how grounded you were. Informed and connected, humble and grateful from the feedback, ideas and the people, that reciprocated the effort and the love. You lost sight of everything that gifted you the foundation and fuel, to rocket you up to where you floated on cloud 9.

You thought you got there on your own and now people must admire you for being a superstar. Yet no one ever got anywhere meaningful on their own. So, you crashed fast and hard and in your agony, you inconsolably cried again because you were back where you started from, for the umpteenth time. Why does this keep happening? Why don’t you recognise the pattern? Why do you forget that the devastating crash always comes when you are like that?

Megalomania is ugly, unnecessary and a delusional state. You matter because we all matter. You achieve because we all are here to synergise, gift and lift each other. While your worth should not be based on opinions and achievements, your capability depends on the learning from those opinions and the hit and miss of those achievements.

We love you, but never think you are under or above us. That’s just ugly, unnecessary and delusional.