Mental Health Pandemic Alert

The understanding and use of personal intelligence on this planet seems to be an elusive phenomena. Yet the more we investigate the nature of intelligence, the greater the mystery as to why it doesn’t attract the attention it so inherently deserves. According to most of our influential thinkers in history, we use very little of our intelligence. Often people refer to the figure of 10% to estimate how much of our brain we seem to use and society seems to accept it. These days, its becoming increasingly evident we use even less.

The pressing question for many is, since when was using a minute fraction of our brain’s ability allowed to be normal? How do we ignore the correlation between making repetitive mistakes and a high level of errors in judgment and our poor use of a brain, capable of genius level thinking?

We have been sold destructive myths that genius is inherent and afforded only to the few gifted people who use their mind power to achieve at the elite level. Whatever your fundamental beliefs are, does this resonate with your heart and soul? Does this really sound logical?

If you understood the facts: 100 billion neurons and 10 trillion cells is in each head, not to mention the 100 million brain cells in our gut. There is even brain cells in our heart! Blood vessels connected could reach the moon and back. 10 – 23 Watts powers it while awake, enough to illuminate a light bulb. Electrical impulses fire thoughts at speeds at 300th of a millisecond. So what does differentiate us?

The only difference between how we think is based on how we associate ideas together to form a wide range of beliefs about our self and our environment . We utilize our belief systems to make every decision over our lifetime. If decision making is given the acknowledgement in shaping our destiny it deserves, then we can see how and why self belief, choices and actions determine our level of success. Ask Tiger Woods and Michael Jordon what was it that allowed them to reach the elite level in their chosen professions.

The World Health Organization should declare a well overdue global health pandemic linking poor brain function to a high % of accidents and diseases. If you investigated the role of prolonged levels of high stress to poor perception, reduced immunity, leading to accidents and chronic diseases, you would have just cause to immediately quarantine all environments that facilitate such a dangerous state.

Searching for your car keys only to find them directly in the location you checked twice previously ought to hit home stress’ ability to literally blind you. After all, science has long established the fact that we do not see with our senses at all. Our brain does the interpreting and predetermines what is being sensed. Hence our expectations have a major role in what we can identify

When you further investigate that stress doesn’t happen to us, the interpretation of the environment is the culprit that causes stress. This should lead us into a useful discovery about how misguided assumptions trigger the stress response as the ideal reaction, when such a response is often destructive, creating mental, emotional and physical harm to people and societies all over the World.

This would explain how two people could be on a roller coaster sitting side by side in the same environment at the same time, yet have the opposite experience. One in total fear, pumping adrenalin, veins popping out of their arms, neck and temples as they hang tightly on for dear life. Meanwhile, sitting directly along side them is someone waving their arms in the air, feeling exhilarated, alive and in total joy. One in fear, one in joy, same ride – go figure!

Add the reality that stress literally kills brain cells and reduces your intellectual and emotional intelligence and we now have serious concern to raise the global pandemic alert from its current level 0 to level 7.

So the viruses are sets of self sabotaging beliefs causing you to misread your environment and your role in it. Some virus beliefs make you abruptly conclude that an enemy exists and a threat is imminent when a misunderstanding was the true scenario. So the virus leads to aggressive and violent behaviour causing harm to self and others. Anxiety, anger and psychotic episodes are common symptoms of these viruses.

Other virus beliefs cause people to believe that they are not smart, worthy or deserving enough of having a rich and rewarding life. These people are highly sensitive to criticism, give up easily and take failure personally. Fatigue, Low self esteem and depression are common symptoms for these viruses.

These viruses have been spread through our societies, cultures, religions, schools, governments and even parents. This pandemic outbreak has gone undetected by everyone including the authorities for hundreds of years. Maybe because everyone’s ability to detect is hindered by the 10% to begin with – a vicious catch 22. Now, our disabilities are assumed to be normal and those high achievers who are not infected are simply referred to as gifted people. Imagine explaining away those who don’t catch swine flu during a pandemic as gifted.

So what can you do about it? There’s no point rallying to have other people rise above their 10% of brain power to understand what using 10% really means. Come to terms with the fact 10% of anyone’s brain power is not going to help them realize their most important life goals. If this message has been fortunate enough to ignite a spark of motivation to prompt you into action, the best thing is to channel your motivation into increasing your personal mind power. Telling people is no where near as effective as demonstrating your mental prowess and leading by example.

Although I also refer to the figure 10% because its so popular, no one seems to have any decent theory as to how much brain power the average human uses. From my studies and personal experience, my view is that we would be lucky to be using 1% and I can assure you, although it is embarrassing if aliens were to visit and discover this, this would be great news for us! It means our potential is indeed great and there is much freedom and joy to look forward to by harnessing more of this mind power sitting dormant between our ears.

If you would like to continue your journey of feeding your mind and removing these viruses from your mind, read Your Beautiful Mind and Solving Depression. This will provide you with the choices to finally re-structure your life so brain training and mental exercises are a normal aspect to your everyday life. If the lumberjack is smart enough to spend adequate attention on sharpening his axe, then surely sharpening our mind to cut through obstacles that stand in the way of our goals without exhausting our time and energy makes perfect sense too.

Did you know?

Albert Einstein has a smaller sized brain than the average.
Your brain cells stretched end to end can reach the moon and back.
Brainwaves are measurable and can predict the types of thoughts we will have.

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