Changing Paradigms

If we weren’t locked into any paradigm framework with a total commitment to that reality as absolute, then we’d never have the diverse experiential journey of emotion. So what do we do and where do we go from here?

Each person decides whether their life does not deliver the sense of adventure their soul desires. Each chooses when they are truly ready to evolve their perception so they unbind the self from that paradigm framework. Then new emotions are released and a freedom to engage another multi-dimensional playground with much more emotion awaits.

To begin exposing the illusionary nature of your paradigm, develop the art of being still, expanding your attention span in order to equip you with the ability to deconstruct the framework and strip it from its doctrine of absolution. The process must have a dream you desire to engage that requires an altered paradigm framework from the one you currently hold.

In other words, unplug from the Matrix to see it. Then engage other possibilities long enough to plug into them adequately for the experience. Once this is don often enough, your sense of mastery develops because your perception expands to cater for your journey through multiple paradigm frameworks as you draw the full banquet of emotional experience from each one, turning them into wisdom.

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