Nature’s laws show how to thrive

Just like how the character Ella (from my latest book Cinderella’s Secrets) learns about nature’s laws and how relevant they are to our survival and thriving, I have learned a lot from nature and my experience with this plant. I watched the leaves wilt and go yellow and dry from under fertilisation. I watched as the leaves struggled with disease and later had burnt their edges from too much fertiliser. I learned the difference a quick fertiliser liquid shot can make versus and the slow release kind.
Through all the mistakes I made by observing the impact my decisions had on this plant, I continued to evolve and align with what it takes to thrive. I now have a healthy and thriving happy plant.
So when we under nourish ourselves, what happens? When we over indulge and are driven by the desire for instant gratification, what happens? When we have short bursts of good habits only to fall back into the old, we know what happens – we are not happening and any consistent way to arrive somewhere substantial and meaningful!
Nature shows us the balance of having enough but not too much and the importance of good habits which deliver consistency in effective behaviour. Nature also shows that the environment you create will determine your experience. Choose your elements wisely including who you spend time with and how you are being treated.
We ought to wonder and be motivated to discover what unique a species we each are and by nourishing that consistently, we can expect the blooming of something truly special in each and every one of us. Realising more of our potential is going to be an extraordinary gift we all have to offer this world.
So what selfish and self doubting weeds are competing with your purpose? How can you embrace the wisdom in your garden to begin to emulate the very laws that cause everything in nature to thrive?

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