Our power in humility

I lived for a long time assuming that I knew a lot. There is only so much denial before you are called on to confront why things are not adding up for you.

I’ve come to appreciate that I know very little and I will never know fully how everything interconnects and works. Of course, that does not stop my hunger to want to know, but the journey of discovery, one realisation at a time, is satisfying enough. If we can’t love the journey, what chance do we have of reaching a grander destination?

I figure that if I play it safe and accept the fact that I know a tiny speck of what there is to know, then I give myself an opportunity to be open-minded. And open enough to receive what will help me understand and expand because I have done away with the arrogant filters which would otherwise block it.

Humility however has been problematic for many of us. Humility cannot be the belittling of one’s self because one do not have enough or has not achieved enough compared with others. Humility is being down on one knee, not to anyone, but to the relationship with the unseen and the evident passageways to reach you through nature; that beauty that expresses in front of you and is expressing in many ways, where it is coming from, where you and I come from. It is about being totally open to what else there is to know that would serve the personal journey and to honour the privilege of existing and exercising free will.

It is not about what you think the unseen is and what label we have for it either: God-Allah-Universe-Force-Ether and so on. Since when are phonetic sounds and a bunch of letters going to do justice to what it is? We are so quick to latch onto these ideas and argue for them, even kill.

What if we surrendered all the constructs that are supposed to dictate what we must believe and trust in the fabric of our creation. And that just maybe, the threads of our make-up can superconduct the insights of who we are, why we are here and what it is we are doing beyond the wonderful and trippy phenomenon of existing.

I love those moments when humility takes over my entire mental and emotional state of being. Those moments are so special because suddenly I let my environment touch me deeply without a personality getting in the way. I lose the urge of needing to put everything in neat mental boxes so I can feel safe through predictability.

That is something so great and wonderful, it is up to us to surrender to it outside of everything we have learned in order to be touched, moved and expanded by it.

I celebrate the humility in you and I truly allow the grandness of life through the threads that interconnect it all, to continue influencing our state of being.

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