Reserving Judgement

During conflict, decisions are rarely effective from hearing one side of the story. Such a rewarding discipline is to ensure you hear at least another version of a story and preferably three, before you begin to form your unique version. Your view will expand and more than likely balance once you hear multiple versions of a story. You will also experience great empowerment from doing so. Knowing this however does not mean you can easily do it.

Emotionally, we often gravitate to a polarized view that provides a sense of belonging to one side. Belonging to the principles, that allow for free will, varying views, the power of belief systems, paradigms and emotions is what lays the foundation for love, understanding and compassion. This means we can offer a balanced and measured dose of advice without the emotionally charged expectation for them to take it.

If you reserve your judgement long enough to take in more information from your environment, you find no need to judge and every reason to address the underlying causes for the conflict. One of the most fundamental principles of a leader is the natural ability to reserve judgement.

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