Jessica Jones
I felt like I had been looking for myself since my late teens. There were times when I felt like I had found myself as I felt happy and content. However, no sooner had I decided that that was it and that I was finally living my true self, something would happen that would see me feeling just as I had before. I had considered going through life coaching off and on for many years, but ended up trying to work things out for myself (with the assistance of counselling). Unfortunately, my efforts were never quite enough. Then for some reason, in 2016, I Google searched “Life Coach Perth” and was instantly struck by George’s website describing Empowered for Purpose in 7 steps (EP7). As a structured, organised and process driven individual, EP7 appealed to my nature. And then I met George. Immediately with George I felt comfortable enough to reveal all of those little characteristics and thoughts that on my more rational days had me asking myself, ‘What’s wrong with you!?’ I never felt judged or put down. Instead George had me laughing at myself, and then we got to work. From the moment my first session ended and I opened the “Empowerment Principles” booklet, I felt like everything for me started to change for the better. The changes from the outside may not appear drastic, but the changes on the inside are immense. In addition to finding confidence, assertiveness and purpose, I now have the process, tools and support that, if I ever find myself in that not-so-good place again, which I now accept is all a part of our journey and growth as individuals, I will have the power to help myself. Thank you George!