Michelle T
Dear George I wanted to share this with whoever was stuck like me. I would like to help them find you. I hope you like what I wrote: - When I walked into my first free life coach session with George Helou I had no intention of coming back and paying to see him. I just wanted him to tell me exactly why it was that I was terminally disappointed with my life; the fact that I couldn't even manage to get a fling let alone a relationship, I didn't have any friends that I felt were really there for me, I couldn't be honest with anyone because I felt the real me was completely pathetic and I had gotten myself into a substantial amount of debt for a 19 year old, which was supported by my new job as a stripper. The main reason I went to see George was to change myself so that men would want to date me because I just could not understand why they didn't and the more they didn't the more insecure and un datable I became. After one hour with George I realised that I had more problems that just my inability to snare a man so I agreed to pay for his seven step program (funded by my new stripping career) In the beginning I was convinced that George was making my life worse as I confronted the issues I didn't even know I had. I was constantly in tears, petrified people would find out about my new job, I crashed my car and lost all the friends I did have through my lying. What George helped me realise is that I couldn't always control the things that happened to me (although I could attract less drama in my life), the important thing is how I reacted to and dealt with these events. I began to see all the things that were drowning me as reactions to my actions and they suddenly became hurdles that would build me into a stronger, more mature person. George also helped me to understand how amazing I am as a person and to cut the crap out of my life so people could simply see the real me. Where before I was obsessed with my outward appearance to the world, I began to be genuinely interested in other people and in turn people were genuinely interested in me. I'm definitely not finished growing and learning about this yet but I have realised the if I speak from my heart, exactly as I feel then whether people like it or not I have been true to myself. I can cut the crap and be honest, apologise when I'm in the wrong and people will appreciate and respect me a whole lot more. After more than one tantrum (changing your whole outlook on yourself and life isn't all smooth sailing) I have finally worked out what I want from my life; for my career, my relationships and just my personal happiness. I have stopped looking for the easiest path, I took a real job, which is a lot more time consuming and less convenient than the old one but I don't feel than I am constantly compromising my values and I can respect myself and the money I earn now. This money will set me up for the career I want in fashion design which I know I can achieve because I can do anything I set my mind to now (with the help of George). It took me such a long time to write this because I don't think I have really encompassed all the changes that I have made and how much EP7 has influenced my life. I still need to learn to be comfortable being alone but I have stopped judging people so much and putting so much power over my happiness in other people. I am so much more mature and when I have a problem I catch myself wondering what George would say about it. EP7 was not at all what I expected, it was definitely a lot harder than I had planned but I realise now that that journey has changed me so much for the better and although I still slip back into old habits of self doubt sometimes I want to continue learning from George because I believe that if I do I can achieve literally anything. Michelle Tee (real name withheld of course)