11 essential ingredients that guarantee peak performance

Many clients come with a big goal in mind. Whether it’s an olympic medal or making an impact in the world as an innovator, they have realised they need to learn how to break through the resistance that keeps them from peak performance. 

If you were to deconstruct anyone who has achieved anything through peak performance, you will find these essential ingredients.

1. Self Belief – Finding the truth within and around you that you can achieve anything you want must form a permanent part of the attitude you express through. Obstacles won’t last when you have self belief that you can get through all of them. The brain is instructed to find a way and it is so powerful, it always can.

2. Purpose – Peak performance must serve a peak worth achieving. if the big deep ‘why’ isn’t known, your full power won’t be there because the true reasons at your core to strive and peak are what turn your engines on.

3. Responsibility – Everything that isn’t working is because of you.You change first and let your change affect your environment.

“Your power will leak rather than peak if you give others the license to determine how much you can achieve.”

4. Receptive – All information is to be absorbed like a sponge and understood. Knowledge, ideas and opinions all matter, so open up and let them all in. From there, you can discern what’s important to implement.

5. Intuitive – Sensing the body and environment beyond the 5 senses means you can anticipate and react quickly and accurately. The key is to be able to enter the zone at will where your goal, body and actions are united and synergised.

6. Strategic – Using perspective, experience and knowledge to build an efficient path to your goal is going to save unnecessary waste of resources and setbacks that may block success altogether. Passion may trump logic, but logic can offer a great foundation to maintain your existing level and reach the next level.

7. Conviction – An uncompromising commitment to remain disciplined, focused and true to your path. Realising that the only way to get there is by being unwavering amongst any temptation to give up or be sidetracked. Your true path is being true to your principles. This means you can cut any path that will get you there, but the journey will maintain your integrity.

8. Creative – Being open minded to all possibilities and identifying the next cutting edge opportunity to increase your advantage. Innovating beyond the collectively agreed limitation is how a peak is forged. So always expect the great ideas exist and be willing to let them pop into your awareness through eagerness, humility and curiosity.

9. Adaptive – The moment a better idea or approach is recognised, it is assimilated into habit in a timely manner. Your identity is not in your performance, it is in the ability to change your mental, emotional and physical attributes to become compatible with the desired goal. You need to play with your version and reinvent it as many times as it takes before the version and destiny click together as one and collapse into reality.

10. Consistent – Don’t try to wing it. Build a foundation that supports you. From attitude to skills, they all need to become habit. This way, you are only doing what feels right and this makes it sustainable. Reward for every little achievement comes from ensuring there is meaning in every effort and every result, no matter how minor.

Knowing the 10 is just the start…

11. Action – Don’t fear having a go and be willing to see how far you have come. You need to be frequently in action so that the feedback is maximising your opportunities to grow.

Failures are just information to guide you with what else you need to do or do differently. Mistakes are just opportunities for re-takes.

The question is, how do you go about your daily life ensuring you are working these ingredients into your thinking, feeling and acting? That should be the first focus when we wake up in the morning.

Daily Immersion 

To help you on that journey, you can create 10 cards with an ingredient per card. On each card, elaborate what they that ingredient means on the back.

Have these cards as a daily focus – choosing to sift through them and contemplating where you are at. Wake up to them and have them available when you have moments to contemplate.

If you find resistance to any of them, you need to HEM the emotion that keeps you from accepting that ingredient. How to HEM is in my article here.

If you are struggling to even stay present as the mind is too scattered, then you need to cap you stress. How to cap your stress is in my article here. 

The truth is, we have assumptions that move us out of the zone where these ingredients flow effortlessly. It’s up to us to undo the reasons that keep us from peak performance in any area of our lives. 

George Helou is the founder of EP7 – Empowered for Purpose in 7 Steps. Life Coach, Work Culture Consultant, Author and Motivational Speaker, George has 15 years personal development experience and is based in his Life Coach Perth Office in Subiaco. 08 9380 8350. www.lifecoachperth.com

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