The Brain – Decoding & Transmitting Beliefs

Everything is alive. Nothing is still. Things only appear still because of the way our brain decodes data . All frequencies carry information and our brain’s core function is to decode and transmit them.As Dr Joe Dispenza mentions in the hit film What The Bleep Do We Know, we are exposed to 4 billion bits of information per second and only process/decode 2000 bits per second. This is because we are only capable of decoding what we have been conditioned to anticipate is possible.

This is why some people identify opportunities more readily than others. Why some people make the right decisions more often. Belief systems set up a web of filters that screen all frequencies and only decode those that support our learned beliefs that all are linked through association to one another in our brain. Hence whatever we perceive is always within the context of how it can associate with what we already believe.

All information that is conflicting with our beliefs, we automatically dismiss as random anomalies worth ignoring. We struggle to integrate them into our belief system because they do not associate and hence have nothing to attach to. The lack of respect we have for information that does not fit is where our problems begin.

We miss signal after signal, invitations to evolve, because we are so preoccupied with defending our current views. We fail to seize the vital opportunities to learn why we are not attracting experiences we seek. Hence we inevitably lose our chances to improve our interpretation and responses to our environment.

It is nonsensical to ignore our cause and effect laws of physics and nature. Every effect has a cause of which is an effect to another cause and so on. To follow this path may seem like a stretch for the mind. However, to engage this journey moves us outside the comfort zone of stagnation and into the magic of the unknown where grand realizations await.

In order to perceive more, we need to learn and test the reasons why infinite possibilities exist and how the journey from possibility to probability unfolds. To make this one state of mind able to embrace possibilities beyond our existing paradigm framework is where freedom becomes possible.

Practically, this simply means to remain open minded and do away with the tendency to form a premature view. Beyond principles that empower and engender respect amongst humanity, there is no reason to not be willing to challenge other dogmatic opinions often disguised as facts and truth.

Seeking the knowledge to help build a new quantum principled paradigm built upon the empowering Universal Laws redefines our role as an evolutionary being. Evolving to a fully conscious being, mastering how to attract new adventures and experiences aligned with deep seeded dreams. (Refer to Universal Laws list also in Fans of MindPower Coach Facebook Notes)

Is there anything worth exploring more than the knowledge that can set us free from our mental limitations in order to live our purpose? Expanding our choices facilitates the empowering awareness to attract experiences we desire. The knowledge that aides the expansion of our perception and thereby decision making.

It begins with rewiring our brain to re-associate to empowering beliefs that allow us to decode differently. The decoding takes place via feeding the brain evidence, reasons and logic through intense repetition of empowering signals that exists outside our pre-existing, pre-conditioned beliefs. Its begins with calming the mind, giving it an opportunity to be still in the moment to allow insights to guide and nourish this exciting adventure back to realizing our potential.

The creative and repetitious affirmations via audio, visual and kinesthetic means is where the magic of personal transformation can take place. From brain training, vision boards, the combination of mental and physical exercises as well as journal reflective and creative writing and much more. Cleverly choreographing our inner and outer environment to constantly reflect back the character we have chosen to become is a vital part of the process to ensuring a breakthrough.

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