The Principle of Focus

The sun radiates trillions of kilowatts of energy and we experience the heat that makes us sweat and blister if we are exposed long enough. The power of energy focused is another story. A 3 kilowatt laser can burn through metal in a fraction of the time a sun can burn our skin. So what do you think our laser focus attention can do to the materialization of a dream?

Prolonged focus places us in a meditative type trance, altering our state of mind and heightening intuition and creativity. The power of focus therefore melts all obstacles due to a significant increase in the quality of our decision making. Compound the effect of concise quality decisions and prepare for exponential results for the effort.

It’s important not to confuse thinking about a subject as if it is focusing. Thinking usually dances around the subject while focusing locks you into the vision and the mood, to act on realizing it. An intense gravity of desire to achieve a goal is generated and maintained. When we set upon a task with pure focus, we are like a child in a trance fantasizing about fairies and chocolate. We draw creative and instinctive insights to make the path easy and pleasurable. We feel in the flow and momentum builds as circumstances constantly fall in our favour.

I get this often when I write. The words come easily and distractions are virtually non-existent. Ask my wife Sabina and she will roll her eyes and tell you, she calls my name 3 times before I notice. For me, it’s a faint sound coming from a cave that slowly increases in volume until it’s loud enough to finally command my attention. It’s like the world dims and my goal takes centre stage until the performance is brought to a finale.

Picture a map with a journey across thick forest and steep mountains to get to a destination. Focus allows us to traverse every obstacle and discover the path of least resistance. Thinking would see us wander around the scenic forest in circles entertaining hope that those mountains are not going to be too big. The mood is about hoping we can do it rather than deciding it’s going to happen. The moment we decide nothing is more important than getting there, the mood shifts to ‘must do’ and the focus is turned on.

Are you packing your bags yet?


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