Things we truly desire; do we allow the timing of the Universe & just trust the outcome?


MindPower Coach: Great question JoAnna – the answer is found in the Empowerment Principles of Cycles and Resilience. (Refer to Empowerment Principles by George Helou) This is because we get what we need without delay once our mind is aligned perfectly with acceptance of the desired experience. The reasons we need to respect timing, is that obstacles and chaos that appear to be keeping us from our manifestations are in fact crucial invitations to challenge the aspects of our beliefs that are disrupting the perfect alignment. Time is an illusion and simply measures how well we are living in the joy of achieving our goals.

Trust is important, but not in terms of an outside force called the Universe to do it for us, but rather trust we matter enough to challenge and dissolve and exchange any aspect of our personality masquerading as our identity for empowering principled beliefs that completed the aligned and collapse the manifestation into our physical reality to experience.

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