We are all designed to be designers of our life


I love creating and I have been in flow deeply and often enough to know it’s the essential and primary ingredient to creating. As you intuitively connect to your surroundings with a clear intent to serve, you become informed enough to know what artwork is required to fulfil the destiny. You feel the outcome strongly: shapes, colours, sounds and messages. You receive detailed information from moment to moment as your creativity delivers the ideas to guide your creation.

So when I experience the artworks of great writers, musicians, film makers, architects, inventors and other artists, there are some of them that reach fever pitch flow. And what does that intense level of flow create? Masterpieces.

When I experience a masterpiece, my heart is captured, melts and expands. My mind is mesmerised and seduced. I feel expanded to another space of awareness by some kind of soul food. I often live in the intense admiration of how perfectly so many elements merged and aligned into a beautifullep7 posy integrated form. A form that feels so natural, pure and engaging.

It’s as if we are simply becoming pure vessels that reveal what was always there and the more we can be servants to the masterpiece, the more of the details will materialise and gift us with this power of transformation. When all the details appear, it becomes a masterpiece. Michelangelo is well known for saying, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” This explains it so well.

From 20 years of personal development experience I have come to understand that we are all designed to be creators. We are designed to be designers of our life and to create things and ways of doing things that leave a legacy of value.

Our creations include artistic works that move our soul. Our creations are also about innovating our way of living in order to achieve deep satisfaction. To innovate, invent and offer the world a way to improve and experience the adventure and abundance of life. Even our purpose is more about creating a life we desire to experience rather than trying to find it.

Do you sometimes realise you are experiencing a masterpiece for the first time, becoming transfixed and in awe of what it is and what impact it is having on you? Whether you’re the one creating it, co-creating or enjoying someone’s creation for the first time? How awesome are those moments? It is as if we are designed to create experiences for ourselves and each other!

Many know that Prince is one of my favourite artists. You can listen to the EP7 Podcast where Rachel Donovan and I discuss what you we can learn from Prince here. http://goo.gl/1P5XGX This is an artist who created many masterpieces. And you can check out my experience of meeting him, dancing and singing with him on stage in 2003 in my blog article here. http://goo.gl/Et5cfW.. That experience was epic!

 What songs, films or other works of art have touched you deeply and forever changed you? 

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