What’s the TIME?! (from Step 6 of EP7)

“Time is not a resource. Time does not heal wounds, what you do in time does.” – George Helou

It seems like we don’t always have enough time, but that is a trick! That’s a trick that moves us away from what time truly is. If we are going to call time a resource, then as a resource, it’s only a measurement tool. In other words, what you do in time holds you accountable to how efficient, effective and productive you’re being because you can choose not to do much in that time. So where is the resource then? Beyond the fact that it allowed you to measure your activities.

So time is not the resource! If we keep thinking time is all we need, we rob ourselves of the benefits of using our imagination, our ingenuity to work out better ways to achieve what we want in time.

When people say time heals all wounds, that’s very deceptive because if you’re watching your body heal a cut, is it time that really heals that cut or is your body very busy pushing the required ingredients to the wound to create mother nature’s band aid called a scab to protect it from infection while it’s busy repairing torn tissue? There’s a lot of activity at work and here we are saying time heals all wounds.

People can have a broken heart for years and years, yet other people bounce back quickly. Why? Is it because they didn’t truly love in the first place or did they find a way to love life and connect with their worth? Did they do enough personal development to heal quicker?

So this is where we need to go, if we are going to live on purpose. We need to move away from this illusion that time is a resource beyond just being a measurement tool. We need to understand that time holds us accountable to living our purpose for ourselves, others, nature and the future.

by George Helou

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