When you watch the “Nightly News”, spare a thought

When you watch the “Nightly News”, do you sense that the brief snapshot of what is going on in your city, country and world is very selective and angled to protect and profit those who own or fund media agencies?

The news anchors are well dressed, beautifully made up and composed. They learn how to deliver the news with the utmost professional eloquence and they read the teleprompter, which is aligned with the lens so you feel they are looking into your eyes with all sincerity. Choreographed like they care about you personally and are switched on to the truth, they are simply reciting it to you effortlessly because its just the plain truth.

It does not matter that you know there are teleprompters – the fact you rarely see them means your brain does not register the message as being read. You are being told by someone who looks and sounds completely trustworthy.

Their job is to tell you the truth. The truth is not subjective. They are qualified to keep the information objective.

So most of the people sitting at home tuning into their news channel, listen without discernment. They have no reason to question the news anchors and reporters. Instead, they are busily distracted with casting judgment on the characters and events being reported thanks to the perspective afforded by the balanced news broadcasters.

So the content of terrorism, quakes, floods and fires, celebrity highs and lows, dogs in drains and cats up trees, interest rate rises and reductions, bargains and burglaries, new car models, malfunctions and accidents fill the half to full hour without any effort.

There are news items that are never allowed to be seen because they will harm the people in power and jeopardise their profits. That is not a conspiracy, that just good business sense. If you own a multibillionaire dollar corporation, you are going to use all the resources to protect and grow it! Its common sense.

The next time you watch the news, spare a thought for what critical news issues about systemic corporate influence and corruption in politics, the financial sector, energy, food and drugs, that corporate mainstream media are not equipment to research or share with you.

Your worldview is being shaped and reinforced by these constant messages. What you buy and who you vote for is predetermined when you rely on censored, doctored information.

Our children’s worldview is conditioned by our worldview. Lets increase our awareness of everything that conditions ours.

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