Why Depression happens and what you can do about it

Depression only becomes a problem when we are repeatedly pressed into life without experiencing overdue change. So we continue to be punished in the same way every time we muster the courage to try again.

Eventually the brain adapts in a way to prevent you from being pressed into life to avoid being hurt again. So now our only priority is protection and the brain is therefore neurologically wired to refuse engaging life emotionally. Hence you lose your hope and energy, no longer can care enough or be motivated enough to live your life because you have no idea how to go about doing so and stay safe. So you cruise in a depressed coping state by avoiding criticism and disappointments.

The brain by now has repeatedly been fixated on a way of seeing the world to the stage where your neural pathways and neural network have become highways and solid brick walls! You are now in a heavy predicament because your brain is programmed to stay depressed. The good news is, just as we can slowly become bricked walled in, we can slowly get out. Once you understand exactly how you got in so deep and became trapped, hope can be restored because you realise it can be undone! I am honoured to be a part of the journey for those who reclaimed their hopes and dreams and commanded the brain to rewire.

Depression should not be a disease you can only be medicated for – you are too amazing to be classified as broken with no way out. If you know someone who has been heavily trapped for too long, please ‘share’ with them the message and the video to begin helping them.

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