You don’t need to fake it to make it

 That saying, ‘you can fake it ’till you make it’ is very popular and many people said they did do that.

The brain is gullible and I totally get how you can immerse it with an alternative message it thinks is fake, but eventually it takes it on as a reality.

Hence if we are doubting our capability, we should be able to force the brain to experience the idea of succeeding and with experience of success, it will accept it.

This is incredibly difficult to do because we know we are conning ourselves while we try and it does not last long. it doesn’t last long enough to take effect so the strategy won’t not deliver the results.

So if you are going to use the faking tool, make sure you feed the brain with some self belief around why it should cooperate. Self help books, observing mentors, getting motivated are all important things to do as you setup the fake it until you make it campaign.

There is another way. 

What if you decided you would explore the fact that you are already being fake? Wait! Keep reading, I am taking you somewhere good! 🙂

What if any situation that has convinced you to be in an emotionally charged state of disbelief in relation to your worth and capability is built on absurd, blatant and cruel lies?

What I am trying to say is that it takes a lot of self deception to bend us out of shape so we are kept from our power, confidence and ability to bypass any obstacle.

If you use the questioning tool long enough, you can pry open the crazy crate of lies and realise how fake it has been to assume you are not amazing and powerful.

Trust me, you are amazing and powerful, and you are lying to yourself if you don’t believe me.

What can you do about it?

Ask yourself the question ‘why’ something is too difficult or beyond your ability to achieve it. For every answer you get question that answer with another ‘why’. Keep digging by asking why to every answer that keeps showing up.

Try to go at least 5 whys deep. Push even deeper until the answers get weaker and eventually sound down right pathetic.

What do you think will happen then? Perhaps the truth just may set you free; that you are amazing and powerful, held back by a bunch of lies that have tricked you into doubting that fact.

Please share your experiences and if you are stuck let me know, we can practice on my FB page.

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