Hi, my name is George Helou and I am the founder of EP7 – the Reinvent You process. I am very proud to be a part of a personal development journey that has now impacted and changed thousands of lives.

So how did EP7  happen?

After 17 years of intense personal development from countless books, coaching and courses from overseas and interstate trips, it became clear that life coaching needed more of a personal development focus. I was convinced this is where it had to go. Life coaching needed to be as much about personal development as it was about being goal focused with the motivation to follow an action plan.

However, personal development also needed to address a few challenges. I had seen firsthand how personal development can excite, inspire and motivate us into self-belief and heightened awareness. My greatest concern was that much of what you learned at a seminar, workshop or retreat would for most of part dissipate after you went back home to your routines. For me, personal development had to be much more than motivation. It had to be more effective and create consistent, meaningful and permanent change.

When a marketing guru told me in 2011 that he loved my work but believed I could benefit from doing what he did in marketing, I was very curious. We were along the river and he told me if a web showed everything I offered, what was my centre. That centre being a process and / or principles that were the core of it all. In that moment, I had the most overwhelming feeling and a strong sense that I was ready to reveal that centre.

That same day 4 of the 7 steps came out rather quickly, but I was so excited because I knew where it was going, it would take me another 2 days to come off the high, settle down and get on with allowing the rest of the steps to come out. To be honest, it was 8 steps, but the last step was all about paying it forward. I removed it so it was not a distraction for people who fall into the common trap of wanting to make a difference to others before they have focused on their changes first.

From my initial 30 clients online from several years ago, to over  700 clients I coached personally all over the world from EP7 HQ in Perth , EP7 has become a trusted brand in the personal development and life coaching industry

Watch the video to discover how EP7 empowers you for purpose in 7 steps.