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Perth, Australia

Hey George - Woohoo!!!! I worked through your purpose template at lunch time today in preparation for a 2pm meeting I had about my project. I was very clear about my purpose and goals that I wanted to achieve at the meeting and guess what?! It worked! I got the outcome that I was working(...)

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Matt G. Floreat

Hi George

As you know, before I ventured into doing your Empowered for Purpose program, I was on a life journey with no purpose. Your coaching program has changed my whole mindset and focus. Each session and the assignment that followed gave me the confidence I required to become empowered(...)

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Katherine S.
(Robina, QLD via Skype)

Thank you George for coaching me through EP7. I got so much more out of this program than I thought I would. It made me realise just how easy it is to change things. I noticed a difference straight away when I didnt think it could happen quickly. Now I really understand that all you have to do(...)

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Perth, Australia

Good Morning, I am noticing so much change in my moods, I am finding it very hard to stay angry and militant for as long as I would normally. Even with my husband, I am being more understanding and compassionate! It feels good of course but so surreal how I seem to have no control over this(...)

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Sandra Ongaro
Butterfly Interiors, Sydney

Your EP7 life coaching George has helped me achieve my life long dream of being an interior decorator. As you know, confidence in myself was down when we first met, a few weeks ago now. Now, my husband, sisters and friends are saying how focused and driven I am. I have tripled my client(...)

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Bill Evans

You know, I can't imagine why I ever worried about anything. After only six weeks of EP7 I can see infinite possibilities with my new mental powers. I can't remember ever being this relaxed and I am enjoying being a young man again. Everything is so much easier to do, not to mention how much(...)

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Susanne Iles
Artist, Ireland

Thank you again for allowing me to participate in your 7 step life coaching program. I've been able to actively apply so many of the concepts with astonishingly positive results Some examples: I am in three art shows this month, and am moving to a beautiful location in two weeks. The new place(...)

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Michelle T
Perth Australia

Dear George

I wanted to share this with whoever was stuck like me. I would like to help them find you. I hope you like what I wrote: -

When I walked into my first free life coach session with George Helou I had no intention of coming back and paying to see him. I just wanted him to tell(...)

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Karly Jouni

It's been about a year since I did your life coach program, but just wanted to let you know it still helps me in my life. Not only did it help me with my state of mind to fall pregnant after trying and illness, but I also believe it still is helping in my relationships and life overall. I'm(...)

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Blake Wood
Bibra Lake

Dear George,

What a journey!

When I first meet you a few years ago, I was lost on the dark side. I would constantly gamble with my life, and I had no self worth with no clear purpose. I was very nervous about making the first phone call to you, I didn't know what to expect or where our(...)

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Alan Manners

When I first met George I had been out of the army for five years. I had served in the infantry for seven years, deploying overseas several times including Afghanistan. My life was a rollercoaster of emotions and I just wasn't moving on from what we had seen and done in Afghanistan.

I don't(...)

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Jessica Clowes

I felt like I had been looking for myself since my late teens. There were times when I felt like I had found myself as I felt happy and content. However, no sooner had I decided that that was it and that I was finally living my true self, something would happen that would see me feeling just(...)

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Dr Ralph Hudson

My name is Dr Ralph Hudson, I'm a Veterinarian. I wanted to expand my business and was struggling in a number of areas, especially delegation. I had to be in control of everything but more importantly, I felt uncomfortable asking my team to go above and beyond. I felt that imposing extra work(...)