Reinvent you for a challenging and fast changing world

EP7 is the acronym of Empowered for Purpose in 7  Steps designed to Reinvent Your Life whenever it is needed.

A reinvention process helps you change yourself and your environment very quickly. We do this through deconstructing how you see things and how you think, feel and act. We help you identify what is blocking your confidence and flow. We help guide you to restore and build a new way to be that will fulfil your immediate needs and your ongoing purpose in any area needing a breakthrough.

If you need to be calm in the chaos, clear in your decisions and more resilient to our turbulent times, we are here to help!

Step 1 Empowered Identity
Learn how you will reduce your stress levels and increase your resilience to obstacles. Learn the science of how you are bio-engineered with the capacity to be extraordinary. Learn the Empowerment Principles that elite achievers live by that guarantee satisfaction and effective leadership. Rediscover your true identity and learn to reclaim your self-confidence.

Step 2 Personal Assessment
The EP7 Self Analysis Process will uncover the knowledge, wisdom and talent already within you. Powerfully use the skill of tracking actions and feelings down to the principles that determine your personal constitution. Uncover the disempowering beliefs that sabotage you. Experience aha! moments as you reconnect to your true and dynamic identity. Refuse to remain lost in the disempowered identity and prepare for your personal evolution into your empowered identity.
Step 3 Imagination
Uncover the purpose of the powerful imagination you were born with. Learn why and how you were disempowered to shut it down. Reclaim your imagination, and harness the ability to innovate and creatively problem solve in every area of your life. Learn scientifically proven and advanced tools that will continue to develop your creative ability so you can access possibilities and opportunities that will empower your vision and purpose.

Step 4 Intuition
Build credibility and understanding through the scientific evidence of why intuition is a necessary tangible asset needed to empower you to better anticipate and make sound decisions. Learn how the powerful spectrum of ability from intuition ensures achievement at the elite level. Begin new disciplines to develop your intuition so you can become clear and confident with your decisions.

Step 5 Purpose
Learn the power of purpose and why it needs to be present in everything you do. Reconfigure your mind so it naturally aligns with your purpose through new habits. Develop your purpose with the level of detail that will ignite your passion. Discover how purpose will lead you to the expression of your unique genius. Discover how the journey is as vital as the destination. Become clear and able to act on your purpose.

Step 6 Making it happen
Inject your purpose into every moment of your life without effort. Develop purpose-based goals that will never feel out of reach or based on obligation. Develop multi-purpose tasking strategies to achieve multiple goal orientated actions with fun and ease. Learn many ways to access abundant resources that will ensure you live on purpose.

Step 7 Environmental Alignment
Discover the 4 important internal to external environments that need to be managed to ensure you achieve sustainable change. Learn how to tackle stubborn disempowering habits that sabotage your purpose. Develop understanding and strategies to align relationships that are in conflict with your empowered and purpose based direction. Implement an Environmental Audit and execute a personal change strategy to ensure your empowered self is supported until new habits are locked in.

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