Jenny Korten

Leadership, Work Culture and Work-Life Balance Coach and Facilitator
EP7 Certified Corporate Life Coach & Facilitator

Jenny Korten is an EP7 Certified Coach specialising in corporate leadership, work culture and work life balance. Jenny is also well known as a Blogger with her Health 2B Free Blog.

Jenny Korten was born in Mauritius and left home at the age of 18 to study, work and live in South Africa where she spent the next 25 years.  Jenny married a South African and all her three children were born in South Africa.  She returned to Mauritius with her family in 2008 and has been based in Mauritius since then.

Jenny never attended university on a full-time basis as she was too busy working to make ends meet as she had no financial support from her family.  Instead, she studied part-time and graduated with a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing and Communications from the University of Johannesburg as it is now called.

She worked for multinationals in South Africa such as the Hyatt Group, Air France  and Singapore Airlines. After several years Jenny’s entrepreneurial spirit drove her to start her own business ventures, which included-

  • The conceptualization and realisation of two business to business publications, Traders-African Business Journal and The Healthcare Journal which were distributed in 15 African countries. Jenny set up a network of key writers and media representatives in this business attracting The Mail & Guardian (in South Africa) to buy this business to use extensively for the distribution of their newspaper into Africa.
  • Jenny was privileged to have been chosen to be involved in assisting in putting together the first official African Union Directory sponsored by key heads of states in Africa.
  • Together with her event partner Biz Events, Jenny initiated the launch of the first Pan African Health Congress, as well as the 1st West African Travel Show in Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Her last project before she left South Africa was the launch of a company called Africa Media Assignments, a concept development media outfit aimed at strengthening ties between industry sectors and the media. This initiative launched two seminars entitled Healthcare Media Reporting Conference and The People, Media and Infotech.

Looking back at her professional career in South Africa Jenny realized that her focus was always on increasing net worth and spending little time looking after self-worth. By the time she sold the business ventures and moved to Mauritius she was tired and burnt out.

Jenny’s health took a beating eventually and she was faced with the daunting realization that she had to undergo a major spine surgery due to the years of neglect and denial to look after personal health.

It was during that time that the idea of starting a blog came to her. was launched in 2019.  The name was symbolic for her, as her story was all about how to gain personal freedom after overcoming her health issues.

In parallel with launching the blog, Jenny remains active in the corporate world in Mauritius, and is currently a director of Korten Consulting Limited, a legal and tax consultancy located in Mauritius, a director of Adcorp Africa Ltd (a Mauritian company that is a member of a South African listed group of companies), and the owner and financial director of a distribution company called JVL Distribution Co Ltd which was launched in 2016 focusing on the importation and wholesale distribution of hardware, construction and automotive products in Mauritius.

Other than experiencing the stresses and strains of financial management, Jenny expressed her creativity by developing self-branded products and securing exclusive distribution rights to import and sell in Mauritius international brands from South Africa and China.

Through the Health2free blog, Jenny realized that she had an opportunity to help people to change their lives, and by going through the EP7 program personally, she discovered her purpose and became a certified EP7 life coach.

As a certified EP7 life coach, and with her experience in the corporate world, Jenny’s focus is to assist:

  • Middle to Senior Management teams aiming to enhance their management skills and become better leaders
  • SME and Business Owners looking for re-inventing skills to survive in the business world, and optimizing their relationships with their business partners
  • Employees looking for opportunities in career development
  • Sales teams looking at effective team effort to boost performance
  • Senior HR staff dealing with employees within an organization
  • Helping women in business to find balance between motherhood and their professional life

“Life is not easy when you plan on achieving something worthwhile. Don’t take the easy way out. Do something extraordinary”

Empowered for the Purpose of a healthy work-life balance

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