My Cinderella’s Secrets Book Launch Speech Notes were found!


I needed to publish this because there were a list of people to thank and my speech notes went missing!
So here is a cleaned up version of those notes so I can honour everyone who helped me make this dream a reality.


The Backstory

I shared how I came to see this view of Cinderella, what inspired me and the purpose that drove me to publish it. You can read a blog article called

Why I wrote Cinderella’s Secrets here. 

The Launch


The Right Honourable, the Lord Mayor Lisa -M Scaffidi – for believing in me and what this book was all about. Your presence has made the launch very special indeed.

My wife Sabina Steffen – who puts up with my excitement over my ideas and keeps me grounded.

Lisa Bailey – who quickly saw so many details and nice touches that would make the book launch so much better. Who then proceeded to take ownership and project manage with Sabina.

Dion XaviourX – how amazing it was to co-write Once Upon a View with you in flow and have it perform live tonight. I am honoured to be working with you.

Dr Joe Kosterich – thank you mate – did not hesitate to be there for me when I asked if you would be MC. You are doing a great job …. so far 🙂

Muriel Downs – thank you for the  courage to share your personal journey between us and Ella’s influence on you.

Jessica King – thank you for sharing how you have come into your own power and how you relate Ella’s achievements to your recent reinvention.

James McDonald  – The reliable make it happen man – you covered Perth today making sure we had everything we needed.

Emma Dawson for the dedication to ensure the bubbly was cold and available and the books were

Tim Lofthouse – thank you for using your photography skills to capture these special occasion and the mates rates!

Ben Kosterich –  the video camera man – grateful you are capturing the footage to help share the day with others who could not be here.

Liz McCoy  – ongoing support and setup – always there willing to support in any way asked!

Josh Williams – for helping me get the online world into shape and for the book to reach the future readers.

James Poignand, Darryn Hunt, John Beaumont Clarke for setup and helping make the night happen.

Mark Buckle from Nexus Concept Studios for producing the song and helping me get things done.

The Book  – Thank you!


Holly! The inspiration of why I wrote it! Our precious children deserve the view that points to the magic within them.

The 7 magical fairy godmother editors

Emma Flemming  – getting me started!

Jane Dowling – for your magical creative and editing input to help the book reach a level it simply needed to.

Suzanne Wintergreen – your timing was impeccable and helping me understand and improve the areas that my gut was twisting on was priceless.

Jo Van Es – you knew how to push me in the 11th hour – 5 more pages had to be written and they stand out as favourite parts of the story. The audiobook has begun recording – your reading gave me goosebumps!

Deborah DeCruz – the semi-colon queen and very relieved to have your tweaks to enhance the overall flow.

Muriel Downs – the dozen turn of phrase input was so nice to round out the story.

Kasia McNaught – For finding so many easy to miss mistakes and gentle tweaks to improve the story’s rhythm.

The Production team

Go Print – wow Paula, Violetta, Emilee you’re like family! Blown away with the printing experience.

Sign Biz – you make it ‘too easy’ Ben – thank you. Those banners look great!


Thank you John Dowling for always believing in me and seeing more in me than I do myself.

Thank you Leon Nacson – as managing director of Hay House publishing, I am blessed to have received your constant guidance to do things right in the publishing world.


To my recently passed mother-in-law Elfrieda – you are sorely missed and we know you would not have missed this event. We hope we made you proud!


I know many people ‘could not make it to the ball’ and really wanted to! Your spirit was felt. For those that made it here – you really wanted to be here and nothing was allowed to stop you. Thank you for that!  The love and magic in this room has truly made this night special.

We have moved passed the “Once Upon a Time” phase of Fairy Tale telling where you are simply told what happened. We now have a “Once Upon a View” version of the story where the magic is placed back within the individual where it always belonged.

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