The 7 Key Steps to Empowerment, Purpose and Freedom

The greatest breakthrough I have had in 2010 is consolidating my life work on personal development into 7 key steps. Then to aptly title what these 7 steps do was indeed a process, especially when you take marketing as seriously as I do! Trying to fit one word or two, although possible, was not working, and research brought back equal popularity amongst key words.

Those words were; Empowerment, Purpose and Freedom. Unless someone or something hits me on the head with the ‘ah huh’ title, I am content with running with these words, because they truly describe what the 7 Steps deliver.

Here are the 7 Steps to Empowerment, Purpose and Freedom: –

1.  Evolve into an empowered identity that recognizes your unlimited potential through empowering principles. We must accept our deserving of enriching experiences in all aspects of our lives.

2.  Personally audit your empowering and disempowering traits that are responsible for your existing level of wealth. Through insight, we can identify our wisdom and what to evolve.

3.  Imagination – initiate endless possibilities of increasing your health, wealth, health, joy and adventure. Be empowered by choice.

4.  Intuition – know what possibilities will lead you to wealthy experiences and abundance.

5.  Be intimate with your purpose and place this at centre of how you relate to everything.

6.  Live your purpose. Affirm your purpose based goals into your everyday life.

7.  Align your empowerment and purpose with your environment so your incoming affirmation support and not clash with your transitioning.

Since developing this framework, it has served my life and business coaching clients well. You can judge a process by how well it applies to any context and I am pleased to report, there is no context I have found, that is not served in the most profound way. An hour presentation that expands on the why and how these elements apply to developing a wealthy mindset demonstrates this well. The 7 steps perform the same function as elements although maintaining the order and sequence is important.

Scott Dudley, who hosted the webinar has kindly made the reply available. Feel free to tap into what I believe to be 7 critical elements everyone must engage in to achieve their greatest goals.

Or if you would like a podcast you can listen to on the run; 7 Key Elements of a Wealthy Mindset

Some of the comments we received after the webinar: –

Great stuff guys!!! Just watched the webinar and very impressed. Keep up the good work!

Great webcast tonight ….GREAT! I am grateful.

Exceptional Webinar ….what a treat to listen to all excellent content!

Dr Joe Kosterich, author of the book Dr joe’s DIY Health ( and I will be working on a webinar to apply these 7 Steps to Health. This will indeed be empowering so stay tuned!

To your empowerment, purpose and freedom,


George Helou is an Author, the Founder of MindPower Coach, a Personal Development Educator and Life Coach

7 Key Elements of a Wealthy Mindset Podcast: 7 Key Elements of a Wealthy Mindset