Can we have compassion for abusers of power?

February 20, 2013

I was contemplating while filling up at the bowser this evening about the abuse of power. And it occurred to me that maybe all of us given too much power have to fight the demon of not abusing it to feel safe.

Maybe the more power you have the more of a target you become for others who want it. Maybe you learn to be cynical, cautious and premeditating to cope.

What if you are caught in this vortex for so long, that it becomes your new normal? And isolation is your only option because you have reached levels of power that demands you to stay in control, otherwise, you will be manipulated out of what you have become intensely addicted to?

This helped me access compassion for the greatest power abusers who act in the most treacherous ways. This is not condoning in any way what they do and ironically, they only reach that level of power because we are obedient to them and addicted to blindly trusting those with that much power who have no reason to abuse it.

Perhaps we are disconnected to their insecurity because of their isolation. To appear weak, you will get exploited. It’s all an illusion they are relying on us to perceive as truth indefinitely and that my friends is where they are mistaken.

We are waking up fast through our ability to share ideas and insights. Waking up with love and compassion perhaps will accelerate restoring the balance of power to the people.

Are you waiting for someone else to tell you are free now? I don’t think it works this way. You need to tell people you are free and prove it by your conviction and actions.

(c) George Helou

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