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I wanted the most advanced knowledge in the World to date on how to tap into my potential and so far my potential is greater than I ever dreamt was possible. I am now convinced that we do not have all the answers and need more food for thought. I read books that showed that much of what I have been taught about life from those in authority has worked against my efforts to succeed!

This is why I became so tired of being preached to about what is right and wrong. But I was not that clear about why I did not ‘feel’ like doing the things people expected of me. I also was very tired of the same emotions and experiences repeating over and over to the point where I began to doubt whether I was ever going to realise my dreams.

Then some people told me that I could control the way I feel and never allow my stress to hurt myself and others. This was confusing and I did not understand how this could be possible. But then I began noticing that they seemed very calm when there was every reason to be angry or hurt and I wanted to know how they could do it.

Did you know that there is knowledge being dubbed as “The Secret” and with this knowledge you can change your life forever?

Always Driven By How We Feel

What many don’t realise is that just because we learn how to change our life, this does not address the reason why we are not motivated into doing the things that will make a difference.

One of the biggest secrets of all is why our emotions works against the knowledge that excites us about change. You know the saying, “I don’t know why I did that, I knew better!” We often know better and do the opposite – it’s one of the most neglected link between succeeding and failing. And because we are driven by how we feel, we do not stand a chance unless we seek to understand why we feel the way we do.

Why do some people identify opportunities and feel like doing what it takes to be successful and others either do not identify or at a minimum do not feel like doing it and therefore don’t? At the least, they resent doing it and thereby sabotage the results.

The inner working of the brain and body utilising the latest in quantum principles and brainwave combination entrainment will enlighten, excite, empower and evolve you out of the feelings that go against the success you desire.

If you are ready to take the bold step of learning every reason why you and only you are responsible for your level of success in all that you do, then begin familiarising yourself with your brain, how you think and continue expanding your awareness regarding your purpose to even exist.

MindPower inquiries: www.mindpowercoach.com. Free sign up and free access to ebooks; Your Beautiful Mind and Solving Depression.

George Helou has 15 years personal development and life coaching experience and a two time best selling author. For more information on Perth based and online Life Coaching service and his EP7 Empowered for Purpose Coaching program visit www.lifecoachperth.com or call (08) 9380 8350.

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