The Wizard of Oz within

  • We ultimately become the wizard once we have mastered all 4 aspects within ourselves.
  • Dorothy couldn’t connect to her true identity, disconnected from ‘home’.
  • The Scarecrow had no heart, therefore no purpose in life.
  • The Tin Man was apathetic to everyone and could not even feel love.
  • The Lion had no courage to stand up for his principles and values.
  • The yellow brick road is the path of truth for all of us to conquer our lack of connection to purpose, our capacity to live our purpose to love one another deeply and have the backbone to ensure fear never gets in the way.
  • We are all living the wizard of oz. Whether we have lost our ability to identify with our true self like Dorothy.
  • Whether we are oblivious to this journey like the Scarecrow.
  • Whether we cannot be bothered like the Tin man or are just too fearful to do anything about it like the Lion.
  • The fake wizard demonstrates how we seize displacing responsibility for our purpose and empowerment into idols and icons, governments and religions.
  • We ultimately become the true wizard once we have mastered all 4 aspects within ourselves.

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