Trigger Happy ADD Diagnosis

I had an interesting experience a couple of weeks ago. An associate tells me he has ADD and believes I may have it and have given it to my daughter Holly. His worldview is, if you get bored and your mind wondered off a subject, its because you are chemically imbalanced. He noticed this when we had conference calls with service providers. I realised that once I felt the work was done, I did not want to stay on the phone and preferred him to take over and “land the plane.” How easily being bored with non productivity was being linked with attention deficiency as a disorder was intriguing.

When you are focused, that is called hyperfocus and you block out everyone and that is also a symptom. And my emotional calmness was explained has I had to learn that and that it did not come naturally because of ADD.

I was amazed at how my client was forcing all behaviour through the chemical imbalance lens and linking it to genes only. In other words, its not about beliefs, learning and growing, its about ‘normalising’ and ‘balancing’ your behaviour to social norms that are now predetermined by medicine.

I appreciated my client’s honesty – it was very difficult for him to open up like that and reach out so there are no hard feelings. To respect his efforts, I researched symptoms of ADD and ADHD.. What I found was such a loose and wide range of behaviours, I realised that everyone I know could be diagnosed with ADD!

I then asked several people if I could possibly have ADD from their experience of me. They all laughed and could not believe anyone would think that.

Well, if I am ADD – I love it!

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