Are chores boring you? You can change that!

We have such busy schedules in our lives. Virtually all of us find ourselves doing repetitious tasks and chores on a daily basis. The brain often wants to wonder and think of other things whenever we do anything that is repetitive.

I sweep a lot of leaves on our property. In the moment of sweeping, I listen to my iPod. Sometimes it can be a Podcast on quantum physics, neuroscience or some form of motivation. Hence I am learning, keeping fit and tidying up the home. Seems like a triple return on the investment, right?

A great thing to do while doing a chore that isn’t demanding of our concentration or a threat to safety, is to listen to music that elevates our mood. Then once we are in that mood, allow our mind to wonder into an inspiring dream. Something we want to manifest in our life.

Imagine being there and living the dream. Feel the joy of being there! You will notice that the brain cannot help itself but begin entertaining the how. If the how becomes impossible, you have allowed fear to suffocate your dream.

Transform the how into a creative wonderland of possibilities. See yourself doing amazing things to achieve your dream. Get excited about being focused and drawing assistance from the most unexpected places.

To spend all that time allowing your mind to be immersed into your dream is indeed sublime preparation for what you are making inevitable.

Cheers to transforming boring chores into fertilizer for your beautiful dreams.

Enjoy your created day


Ps: If you have challenges sparking your imagination, you can develop that too. Email me for a tailored solution.

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