Debating with Respect on Facebook

I was recently advised by a friend that feisty comments by passionate and confronting people is a likely reason many people will avoid sharing their points of views on important topics I share.

In the last 2 days I watched personal attacks begin between commentators on a topic that is meant to be about personal empowerment. It turned into who was right and who was wrong. Some were angry that I claimed we are more powerful than we really are. Fancy that upsetting people. Perhaps the logic is not to give people false hope. What about the people who have lost hope for the wrong reasons?

I encourage debate with what I share. I am willing to be wrong because that is where we grow the most. There was a recent post about how our perception affects our genetic expression. It created opposing view, which is fine. I was however, expected to believe a popular point of view that humanity is not that powerful to heal itself without pharmaceutical drugs for example. I agree that drugs have a worthwhile purpose, but I will argue that our stress and worry has a direct impact on our health and drugs are very limited in the damage they can undo from our habit to worry about meaningless things.

I will block people from my facebook page after respectful discussion and warning if they personally attack other people sharing their points of view. Surely as adults we can learn the art of sharing a point of view without mocking, condescending and verbal abuse, just because we disagree with someone’s point of view.

I have come to learn that when I am adamant about what is real, it can turn out not to be true at all. Equally so, when I have been sure of something not being possible, it has turned out to be probable.

So I invite all of us to be courageous and debate with respect – great thoughts comes from those efforts and we all win. It’s so much easier to receive information and advice when it is delivered with respect.

Sometimes I argue with myself on both sides and have a guess what happens? I end up going neutralising myself on the topic because both sides considered properly end up holding a lot of weight! It’s a humbling exercise and I highly recommend it.

Have you had challenges with friends and associates getting heated and disrespectful in your facebook or blog posts? How did you handle it and how well it that work out of you?

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