The Reluctant Leader

Doing a personal assessment on a client unveiled several disempowering beliefs sabotaging leadership potential and meaningful success.

The two most alarming were: making mistakes and letting people down is unforgivable and life has to be perfect or it’s a failure.

A leader cannot afford to have these ideas in their subconscious because the burden of leading becomes too great.

Through relating to responsibility with these beliefs, their self-sacrifice even on a small scale is enough of a drain and causes them to yearn for isolation and to keep life simple enough to cope with. They learn to live small and the heart starves from the lack of honouring self, deepening relationships and expanding through adventure.

The client was shocked at how this revelation showed he was much more like his father who turned down a CEO job in a corporation because he did not want the responsibility.

We are not the ideas we are raised to identify with and imagine life through. Your next reinvention will come from a swift and overdue exchange of ideas by swapping an outdated lie with an empowering principled one that dignifies your heart’s desires and realises more of your potential.