24 Oct: Losing the Fear of Rejection

Our personality spends so much time screening our environment to avoid potential rejection, we forget to look for opportunities to thrive. The thriving has to wait until there is a path where you are safe from all rejections. Given that path does not exist, our goals are left ignored.

09 Oct: Mental Health Remains Misunderstood

Mental health is more about the inner environment and the outer environment being controlled by conditioning, poor coping skills and high stress, and chemical imbalance is a part of that process; the fire between the gas leak and smoke! Yet we hone in on the fire and blame the personality or genetics!

02 May: My Inner Propaganda

Every person that was pushed to great heights still has emotional drama. Am I losing my care for the emotional drama? Am I demonising emotion? Am I denying the value of what allows me to feel and experience the contrast? I believe I have been and this has been my inner propaganda.